Women in Leadership Incubator Program

Experience peer-based accelerated leadership career growth when you participate in the Women in Leadership Incubator.

  • Accelerate your career growth
  • Increase your presence & visibility
  • Grow your resilience
  • Design your career
  • Learn from and with peers

For early-to-mid career women with the talent and ambition to lead

Learn collaboratively AND flexibly

Welcome to a new world of leadership development: a small group experience designed just for you and your peers.

This online course integrates the flexibility of self-paced learning with the support of peer-group coaching plus individual online support:

  • Small learning groups of four to six women meet virtually for four x two hour workshops to share experiences and build collegiality and commitment
  • Six online modules provide exposure to the best leadership models and practices
  • Provides deep insight into the barriers and challenges that women face when pursuing their leadership ambitions and aspirations
  • Online activities encourage application and reflection
  • Facilitated discussion, encouragement and support maintains commitment and momentum across the life of the program

If this sounds great, but you’d prefer to learn in a more intimate 1:1 relationship, the Women in Leadership Accelerator may be the program for you.

Outcomes for organizations:

  • Increase your leadership talent pool
  • Proactively support women to accelerate their careers
  • Improve the diversity of your leadership pipeline
  • Retain talented women
Outcomes for individuals:

  • Experience accelerated leadership growth
  • Increase your presence and personal impact
  • Develop your confidence and resilience
  • Consciously design your career and make the best choices for you and your organization
I really enjoyed this courseĀ – it was a turning point to my understanding of leadership and how I can be the leader I want to be.

Very engaging & diverse material & content overall, a nice mix of videos, tests & reading material keeps it really interesting.

Thank you again for everything – you are one amazing coach!!!

Let us know you are interested and we'll get your program started.

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