According to Boris Groysberg and Susan Seligson’s article, the manager’s toolkit needs to expand in ways not seen before.

The most effective strategy for leaders might also be the most innately human: be kind.

‘Kindness is an investment that never fails’

They identify 7 ways to be kind:

  1. Really listen, be present and don’t judge
  2. Ask ‘are you OK?’ Be prepared to provide comfort and monitor distress
  3. Ask ‘what can I do to help?’ Validate the challenges that people experience and reduce them
  4. Help people manage a new rhythm, be flexible
  5. Say ‘I’m here for you’ and be there
  6. Moderate work expectations to be realistic given the pressures: ‘I know you’re doing the best you can’
  7. Say ‘thank you’ with sincerity, and often

Before Covid-19 leaders were already under great pressure to produce results at a faster pace, using fewer resources with many more options to choose from.

I’ve been advocating that coaching is the smart way to deal with these pressures. Coaching is a way to give life to kindness in a world exhausted by change.

Take the time to coach to show you care, give support and encouragement, listen, cede the agenda to the person you are coaching. Increase trust, wellbeing, vitality, and sense of accomplishment.


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