And how much we wish he did not have to give it.

This speech, and all his other actions that I have seen, have all shown such moral courage. They are all about the higher ground.

This appeal to the Russian people is deeply moving; it prioritises our shared humanity at the same time as clarifying ‘the facts’.

I’ve often puzzled as to the best way to repel an invading force when you are peaceful and against warfare. How do you neutralise a dominating, power-hungry force, hell-bent on getting what they want?  One that is contemptuous of people’s rights, their lives and livelihoods?

How do you shut the bullies up, change their actions, stop the violence they perpetrate on others?


Watch it here.

Then watch it again.

Whether it’s in small ways in our everyday lives, or standing up on the world stage amidst and despite horrifying and brutal decisions and actions, these are the behaviours that help us to rise up and be better humans.

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