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How to inspire more men to champion gender balance

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The masterclass features discussion about:

  1. Why engaging men is so important
    There are mutual interdependencies between gender roles, and we can’t change one without the other.
  2. How you can change masculine cultures
    Explore more about one how masculine leadership cultures work, and what you can do to change them.
  3. How to find more male allies for change
    I’ll introduce you to my support continuum so that you can plot your network and identify your allies.
  4. Working with the magic of 7
    Avoid the overwhelm of change by focusing in on your ‘strategic seven’.
  5. Tactics for influencing your 7 allies
    We’ll explore influencing tactics that you can use with your allies.
  6. Identify actions you can take to get your allies on-side and speed up the rate of progress
    Leave the training with your own clear action plan for change.
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