Coaching is about asking questions, rather than providing the solution, so it becomes self-generating.

That means that even if you are unsure about what to do and how to do it, if you are coached you will be better placed to solve future problems.

Three reasons why coaching is so powerful? Coaching:

  • Frees up your thinking about yourself and your situation.
  • Helps you to uncover hidden assumptions.
  • Provides new options for action.

Coaching can be a little confronting as well as exciting, as it is about change. It is an opportunity for you to be as open as you choose to be about your DREAMS and your DOUBTS.

Find out more about the benefits of coaching to both the coach and the coachee in my recent article.

And it’s powerful because it is all about YOU. Unlike other development processes which can be hit and miss, coaching focuses on what you need.  You decide your outcomes.

Why not give it a try?  You can find out more about my coaching approach here.

Download my Executive Coaching brochure to find out more about my approach, and if you’d like to have a no-obligation chat to find out even more, book in a time with me here.


My career would not be where it is without the candid, thought-provoking and ‘call-to-action’ coaching from Karen.  She taught me how to navigate my journey – through the highs and lows – with an honesty that enabled me to challenge conventions and take ownership of my destiny.’


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