Hobbies allow us to express our creativity, renew our perspective and increase our personal sense of confidence.

Whilst Gaetano DiNardi’s 2019 brief ode to the power of hobbies might be a few years old now, it is definitely a keeper and worth taking immediate action on as we embark on the year ahead!

Hobbies allow us to express our creativity, renew our perspective and increase our personal sense of confidence.  Interestingly DiNardi mentions that researchers have found that creative pursuits increase recovery experiences, and in turn help to boost high level performance.

With the continuing rise of stress and burnout we need to be honing our ability to renew and recover from work, and what a great way to do it.  When we detach from work, pursue other activities, including creative ones, we are honing our ability to be creative, to take new perspectives on problems and to have confidence in ourselves, all of which make a significant contribution to how we perform at work.

He couldn’t have imagined how much the world would change, with the need to spend time away from work pursuing relaxation and hobbies and recovering from work experiences skyrocketing in the past four years.

I’ll keep reminding myself to recognise the value that my hobbies contribute across all areas of my life.  I’ll make more time for them, and then enjoy them all the more!!

To make more time for your hobbies:

  • Regularly schedule short recovery periods throughout your day and use the time to focus on your hobby. For a 5 minute break, I might just review some of my favourite images because it’s hard to do much more, but still worth it!
  • Close out the day by doing something that connects you with your hobby. It could be as simple as playing a piece of music or singing a song. Why did we stop doing that when we left kindergarten?
  • Spend time each week working on your hobby – carve out some space for it as you can and allow yourself quality renewal and regeneration time.

DiNardi plays the guitar, I photograph landscapes; what’s your creative hobby of choice?

Ocean pool surrounded by rocks
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