Lynda Grattan says ‘There’s a ‘silver lining’ to the pandemic: the opportunity to make work lives more purposeful, productive, agile, and flexible.’

My silver lining, as we’ve lurched from one version of lockdown to the next here in Melbourne, has been my regular morning walk along the beach side.

Pre-lockdown, my exercise pattern was alarmingly erratic. There always seemed a reason to put it off. A lingering injury wasn’t an excuse, but was an excuse, if you know what I mean.

The pandemic caused a big rethink about health and wellbeing.

The silver lining is a return to daily exercise (395 days straight!), the opportunity to get the endorphins going and to take pleasure in the landscape. What a boost to the day.

I see storm clouds, swans and pelicans, huge waves, the golden hour, rainbows and feel the sun, the sea spray, the wind and the rain. What a privilege it is.

This simple pleasure is a huge gift and a non-negotiable now in my lockdown routine.

What’s your simple pleasure that helps you make it through the day?

The sweet spot of delegating

Taking back ownership of your health and well-being outside of work can only enhance your feeling of confidence and connection in the workplace. 

 What more could a leader want than for everyone to do their best work?  As humans, we are never not growing; learning is hard-wired into us.

And it is psychological safety that increases connection. That in turn supports a focus on coaching as a primary means of engaging; it grows trust.  It’s then both easier and more impactful to provide recognition.

When people feel connected, trusted and recognised, feedback is welcomed.  Offering feedback that shapes skills and careers helps accelerate growth.

If competition and compliance are prioritised it’s harder to explore and experiment. Autonomy is highly motivating – it’s lack is thoroughly demotivating.

Harness the hard-wiring with good feedback, make growth intentional and directional.

The more that you can confidently delegate to your team, the more autonomy they will feel, and the greater their satisfaction.

Investing in safety,  coaching,  recognition and feedback sets up the conditions for people to work with autonomy – this is how you get that sweet spot of delegating as much as possible.

Imagine a day starting with the simple pleasures that you enjoy the most,  coupled with a safe working environment that focuses on connection and autonomy – now that would make for a purpose-filled life.


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