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My speaking is focused on the key leadership areas of coaching, inclusive leadership, collaboration and gender. As a psychologist deeply concerned with and inspired by behavioural change, I focus my speaking on practical takeaways that leaders can turn into new habits that will help them to fulfill their potential, and be more inspiring leaders.

I deliver keynotes, seminars and interactive workshops on four topics that can be customised to the particular needs of your organisation or conference.


  1. The best leaders are also coaches. The potential for increasing engagement and wellbeing through better coaching capability.
  2. What it means to be an inclusive leader. To realise the potential of everyone.
  3. Power, authority and collaboration. Why collaboration is often elusive, and how to increase it.
  4. Gender, leadership and power. What remains to be done to ensure that women are fully enabled to reach their leadership potential?

Thank you for the excellent session you led for the board at Hassell.

Gerard Corcoran

MD, Hassell

“A week or so on from our People Planning forum I wanted to just pop you a short note to say thank you for the quality and delivery of the material last week.  The feedback as I have gone around the executive team has been excellent & it certainly enabled some really good discussion later in the day.”

Michael Schneider

MD, Bunnings

Speaker Bio

Karen Morley helps leaders to realise their full potential. Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership facilitator, Karen has held executive roles in government and higher education; her approach is informed by these experiences.

Karen’s doctorate examined the leadership capabilities of public sector executives. She has published Lead like a Coach and Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide, and numerous working and white papers. Karen is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne and a Director for ANZSOG. She’s a psychologist with a desire to align what leaders do with the available evidence for what works.

Karen loves to work with executives to help them increase leadership potential.


The Best Leaders are also Coaches

When leaders coach, they create a culture that is empowering and energising. Most leaders want to be known for being caring and supportive people leaders, but daily organisational pressures often get in the way of these good intentions.

Organisations with excellent cultural support for coaching experience 13% better business results and 39% stronger engagement. Organisations where senior leaders coach very frequently enjoy 21% higher business results.

How can leaders coach more, and get their intentions better aligned with their actions? In this presentation, I outline practical steps that leaders can take to stop feeling captured by everyday demands and be inspirational leaders who coach, delegate and trust their teams.

You will learn how to:

  • Do less of the doing, and help your team to do its best work;
  • Balance your focus on investing in future capability versus focusing on results right now;
  • Spend less time in the detail and more on longer term strategic issues; and
  • Shift your mindset from control to coach.

What it means to be an inclusive leader

This presentation focuses on increasing your understanding of how to be a more inclusive leader. It provides tips and tactics to use with individuals and teams.

After this presentation you will know:

  • The difference between diversity and inclusion, and why they go together;
  • How to grow empowerment and trust;
  • The latest thinking on unconscious bias, and why we should still talk about it;
  • How to unify your team so that people work better together.

I was delighted to work with Karen on project a where she delivered some short burst training and think tank sessions with our executive leadership group and our line managers. I strongly recommend Karen’s expertise in the area of diversity and inclusion, and trust her depth of knowledge and the high standard of rigour she applies to the science that underpins her messaging. Not a lot of consultants in this space are able to deliver this in the moment when complex topics arise. This is a critical difference needed when changing or challenging the hearts and minds of leaders.

Sally Quietzsch

Department of Health

Power, authority and collaboration

Stronger collaborative leadership is fundamental to achieving progress and innovation. Collaboration seems so simple, yet is too often elusive. Disinterest, competing agendas and turf wars disrupt the opportunity to collaborate.

This presentation uses your own experiences of collaboration to create a shared perspective on its challenges and opportunities. It will explores why some groups achieve remarkable progress when they work together, and others don’t. It helps you prepare yourself to be a more effective collaborator.

Outcomes from the workshop:

  • Clarity about the critical success factors for collaboration;
  • A fresh perspective of the dynamics of power, and how to use it to create shared outcomes;
  • Tactics for increasing your personal authority in complex group dynamics; and
  • An action plan to achieve success in your next collaborative interaction.
Karen Morley leaning against wall, smiling in to the distance

Reflecting on today’s Masterclass by Dr Karen Morley on Power, Authority and Collaborative Leadership. Biggest take homes for me were to set my daily intentions (and review), suspend my own ego, focus on connections and “Bigger Me” mindsets and enablers. Refocus on ‘peership’. A masterclass with actual practical steps and tactics to use in the corporate environment! I’ll be referring to ‘Lead like a Coach’ for quite sometime.

Lucy Hine

Director, Strategic Communications, Southern Health, QLD

Gender, leadership and power

Good progress towards gender equality is being made. But we are not there yet. This presentation highlights the latest research and advances in thinking about the connections and disconnections between gender, leadership and power:

  • What gets in the way of women’s leadership advancement;
  • How women, unconsciously, get in their own way;
  • What levers organisations can use to promote change and be fairer; and
  • How to position the agenda so that men and women collaborate on change.

After this presentation you will be:

  • Clearer about biases that might affect you, and better decision-making approaches;
  • More aware of practices that engage and unite rather than divide;
  • Have tactics for increasing your personal authority.

This presentation can be tailored for mixed groups, women only, men only and intact work groups.

4.7/5 ‘Interesting and insightful’ ‘Awesome and very inspiring’ ‘Fantastic: very enlightening and made me self-reflective’ ‘Interesting and engaging’ ‘ Great presentation’

Liquid Learning Conference presentation

Having had the pleasure of working with the dynamic Dr Karen Morley I highly value her thoughts on leadership and congratulate her on the release of her book “Lead Like a Coach”.

Courtney Smyth

HR Executive

Thanks for your presentation yesterday, I really enjoyed your style and the content was highly relevant and timely for my current work.


The collaboration circles developed over the 3 days to become a highlight of the course –  great learning and conversations.

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