To help you discover your leadership styles

Your leadership style is your preferred behaviour when you lead others and attempt to influence their performance outcomes and emotional commitment.

Matching your style to your team, and to the current circumstances you face, is the key to making the impact you seek to make.

How well does your style work for you?

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You want to be a leader for inclusion. You want more change, and you want it sooner.

Learn more about how influential you are – are you Shut Out, doing Busy Work, getting Minor Wins, Cutting Through or a true Influencer?

Just how much influence do you have? And how much do you want to have?

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Interpersonal influence is the conscious manoeuvring of your behaviour to get the response you want from others.

There are two key dimensions and together the dimensions produce four overarching influence styles – Inspirer, Legitimiser, Endorser, and Messenger.

What’s yours?

Find out by taking the Influencer Type Quiz.

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