Leadership Development Programs

For Individuals, Teams, & Organisations

My leadership development programs are designed in increase leadership capability within organisations and executive teams. The leadership programs are focused on critical areas for future leadership success, such as: coaching, inclusive leadership, collaboration, unconscious bias, and gender equality.

As a psychologist deeply concerned with and inspired by behavioural change, I focus on frameworks that increase insight and deliver practical takeaways that leaders can turn into new habits.

My biggest goal is to amplify leaders’  impact, for the work of leadership to be less effortful and exhausting. Coaching leaders to inspire others, and to help them to realise the true potential of their teams.

Leadership Programs are custom designed to suit your organisational needs and context.

Karen Morley with two men discussing inclusion

Inclusionist Quest

Inclusionist Quest is a program for inclusion influencers to step up the rate of progress, stop backlash and create inclusive workplaces where everyone thrives.

Inclusionist Quest is designed to help you increase your influence with your stakeholders. Be lifted up through our community of practice, share fresh ideas, suggestions, and ways to get around the challenges you face.

I know how hard it can be to get buy-in and create the change needed for diversity and inclusion, and how it seems like there’s always the potential for backlash and derailment. Not any more!

Join Inclusionist Quest and make more impact. Sooner.

Karen Morley facilitating a group discussion with three men and one woman

Inclusive Leadership

Want to lead a more inclusive, engaging and innovative organisation? With the help of my Inclusive Leadership programs you can.

Be known as an executive who promotes diversity, creates an inclusive organisation, and reaps the benefits.

I help you and your executive team work out how to get on target with the inclusion outcomes you seek, and deliver inclusive leadership workshops where strategy and policy get translated into meaningful actions.

Let me help you accelerate the pace of change so that you achieve your inclusion goals more rapidly.

Collaborative Leadership

Collaboration seems so simple yet often proves elusive. The evidence is clear that high performance in groups is not about the smartest person in the room.

My Power, Authority and Collaborative Leadership program is designed to clarify the critical success factors for collaboration, get a fresh perspective on power dynamics and how to use them to create shared outcomes, increase your personal authority and create an action plan for increasing collaborative power.

Help your leaders to be more effective collaborators and make more meaningful contributions to organisational, not just individual, success.

“Dr Morley was excellent in terms of providing practical advice and a safe space to practice new techniques with colleagues – excellent trust building experience.”

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