FlexAbility & Lead Like a Coach Book Bundle


Book Pack Includes:

  1. FlexAbility (paperback)
  2. Lead Like a Coach (paperback)


FlexAbility and Lead Like a Coach: A Book Bundle to help you beat burnout and find freedom, and get the best out of your team

by Dr Karen Morley

Despite the promise of a post-pandemic ‘reset’ that would make flexible work practices mainstream, it seems that overwork is here to stay. In a world where overwork remains an expectation, flexible work has not been the solution we had all been hoping for. Instead, it has blurred the boundaries between personal and professional life. FlexAbility is a three-step guide to taking back control and finding balance in an overworked world:

1. Know what matters.

2. Do what matters.

3. Influence what matters.


If you follow the steps and the supporting advice outlined in this fascinating book, you’ll better defend against the demands of overwork. You’ll feel greater freedom and enjoy your life more. You’ll become the ‘FlexAble’ influential leader you aspire  to be.

Coaching is one of the critical elements in helping you to manage your workload pressures.

There have been many approaches to leadership over the years, from command and control to more inclusive styles. Some leaders micro-manage, others are quick to delegate. Whether you are a new or a senior leader, how you manage your team has a direct impact on engagement and productivity.

Leaders who coach can double their engagement score. Even more importantly in today’s technology-driven, fast-paced world, they can lighten their load and reduce the pressure on themselves.

Coaching is all about refocusing how you engage with your team. Leaders who coach:

  • Focus on the team and on developing the members of the team
  • Trust their team and delegate, but are still there to offer support
  • Encourage and applaud
  • Listen to their team’s challenges and encourage them to find solutions
  • Ask coaching questions
  • Develop next-gen leaders who pay the coaching approach forward.

Lead Like a Coach is for leaders who care about the people they lead; care about their own success; and want to make a positive impact on their stakeholders, their families and their communities. It is packed with practical strategies and case studies making it easy for anyone to start to lead like a coach.

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