Podcast: Leadership Amplified

A podcast to inspire leaders TO get more impact with their teams, to promote inclusion, and to do it in a way that makes them feel energised, not exhausted.

Hear Karen’s stories, interviews, updates and practical tips.

The podcast series is a mix of interviews, book readings and information sessions. Each episode is 15 to 30 minutes.

Interviews are with CEOs, leaders and academics who share their wisdom through stories, research and case studies.

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Upcoming Events & Free Webinars

From time to time I bring you free webinars to share insights about leadership. Most webinars are recorded so that even if you can’t make it on the day, you can download the recording and listen to the webinar at your convenience.

Numbers to my webinars are limited, and they are participative in style. No mass broadcasts out to anyone who’ll listen, but a personal gathering with an opportunity to engage in discussion and get advice about the things that matter most to you.


I strongly recommend Karen’s expertise in the area of diversity and inclusion, and trust her depth of knowledge and the high standard of rigour she applies to the science that underpins her messaging. Not a lot of consultants in this space are able to deliver this in the moment when complex topics arise. This is a critical difference needed when changing or challenging the hearts and minds of leaders.

Sally Quietzsch, Department of Health

We Recommend…

To get you started, here are recordings of the most popular webinars.

List of 4 key coaching skills needed by leaders


How to Lead Like a Coach

  • Exercise humility by asking questions.
  • Connect and influence meaningfully using empathy.
  • Focus on progress to increase motivation.
  • Structure coaching into your daily routine.
Outlines 3 approaches to constructive conversations: curiosity, candour and confidentiality as commitments for better conversations


Easy Conversation Tactics to Beat Bias

  • Contentious conversations can be difficult!
  • Learn how you can set up a conversation to be constructive.
  • Get a roadmap for contentious conversations.
  • Develop your plan for engaging differently in diversity conversations.
Model of the GAS mindset: growth, authority and service


How to get more IMPACT with less EFFORT

  • Review the previous year and create your vision for the next.
  • What does it mean to be amplified?
  • Power up with a GAS mindset.
  • Prime your Motivation, Productivity, and Influence.
  • Notice, Measure, Adapt, Sustain
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