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Are you a high performer AND know that you are capable of more?

Just because your organisation won’t fund your development doesn’t mean that you should lower your career expectations.

Right now you’re ready for more development. But the organisation’s not paying. Perhaps there’s nothing left in the development budget, perhaps your allocation has been used, or worse, maybe your boss has said no. Or perhaps it’s simply that you’d rather do some personal development on your own terms, getting stuck into something that you’d prefer to keep to yourself and work on in your own time.

You’re not getting the opportunities that you feel ready for right now. You want to take things up a notch, to challenge yourself, learn some new skills, and to seek broader career horizons. You might be grappling with a work issue that has been getting in your way; you know it’s holding you back and you’re ready to sort it out so that you can move on.

You’re committed to self-development and you’ve probably tried some different options in the past.

You’ve completed your formal studies, and that’s not the route you want to take right now. Perhaps you’ve participated in in-house leadership development programs. They worked at the time, but an off-the-shelf course is not what you need right now.  

What you know you need is something that is tailored specifically to you and your circumstances. If you’re going to be making a personal investment in your development, you need it to have a laser-like focus on you and your needs.

You don’t want to wait – why should you? – there’s so much change, and yes, opportunity right now. You want to be well placed to take advantage of it.

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One of these roadblocks might be stopping you from getting the right support for your development:

It's expensive, it’s a financial outlay that you have to factor into your budget somehow - it really does need to be worth it!

It might seem hard to articulate the benefit when you haven’t had a coach before – even though you know it’s what you need

You're worried that being in the spotlight might feel uncomfortable - there will be nowhere to hide

Maybe that next option will magically arrive on your door-step; you just need to sit tight

When you’re confronted with these roadblocks, you feel defeated and lose energy for a while. What really gets under your skin is when you see others getting supported in their development, or being promoted ahead of you.

It doesn’t seem fair!

You’re someone who isn’t going to let opportunities pass you by. You are looking for the support and  inspiration that will help prepare you for your next opportunity.

You need an experienced leadership coach with a proven track record, who can offer the personal support you need. Someone who truly understands what you’re going through, and can help you to increase your skills and your approach.

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This is how I can help you!

With my unique personal coaching program, you will be able to:


Zero in on your own personal development goals and aspirations, without distractions


Identify the key insights and skills that will give you the biggest developmental benefit


Get focused resources and tools that will help you accelerate your developmental progress


Be both supported and challenged, to help you make the most of your talents


Arrange sessions to suit your availability and the pace at which you prefer to work

With my Personal Coaching Program you can expect guaranteed growth. We’ll get right to the heart of your needs in a way that inspires you to try new options.

What Executive Leaders have to say about Karen’s coaching program


Karen’s coaching came at a critical time in my leadership journey. She skilfully accelerated my development and opened up critical insights to increase my self awareness and effectiveness at the executive level. Highly approachable whilst also laser sharp! Thank you Dr Karen!


I had the pleasure of being supported by Karen on my leadership journey in her role as an executive coach in the last 12 months. During this period we had lots of meaningful conversations around purpose driven leadership and really enjoyed working with her. Really made a difference to me and can highly recommend her!


It was great working with Karen. Karen provided great guidance as I moved into an executive level role. Her insights and understanding of human behaviour helped me establish myself in this role. Karen ensures an environment that is open and is very approachable. Thank you.

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Program Inclusions

3 x 90 minute 1-on-1 sessions designed to help you set and achieve your personal goals

I will be your accountability partner for improving skills and performance

You share all your thoughts and dreams about yourself as a person and a leader, as well as your future career

I provide encouragement, advice and resources outside of coaching sessions, and on an ongoing basis, to help you continue your momentum

Sessions are scheduled to suit your availability and the pace you'd like to work at

About Karen

I coach leaders to get more impact for less effort.

The global pandemic has increased the burdens on high achieving leaders, and my focus is on helping you to reset the way you work. I help leaders to challenge overwork, rediscover their purpose, and rebalance their life to beat chronic stress and burnout.

FlexAbility is the freedom you grant yourself to avoid the sacrifices of overwork and live a rich, purpose-filled life, doing meaningful work while prioritising your wellbeing. ​Personal Coaching helps you keep your sights on your development and career growth in this very challenging context.

I have held executive leadership roles and I’m also a self-declared high achiever; my approach is closely informed by these experiences.

I’m a registered psychologist and I use my fascination with emerging neuroscience and social psychology research to give leaders insight into what really works. I am deeply committed to making behavioural change easier, and I give you practical takeaways that you can readily turn into new habits.

I am an Opinion Columnist with CEO WORLD Magazine and an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne.

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Karen has a strong understanding of the challenges and complexities of corporate and executive work, expectations and navigations required. My sessions with Karen provided a very comfortable opportunity to share the challenges experienced as a relatively new-comer to corporate work. Her way of working and exploring the client thinking is such that shared problems/challenges were reflected and directed back to me so that clarity and understanding of self increased and allowed growth. Having never had coaching before, I highly recommend Karen as someone who draws out insecurities, provides practical strategies and tools and ensures the sessions build on previous learning and content. An excellent coach!


When you first meet Karen, you know you’re in the presence of someone who isn’t going to listen to your bullsh*t excuses and she isn’t going to let you get away with not doing the work – but all in the nicest of ways! I didn’t know what to expect or where we would end up after our coaching – but the outcomes were beyond anything I could have imagined. The insight that Karen brings to the table is incredibly accurate – and whilst at times confronting, Karen is there with you every step of the way to figure out the path forward. Karen’s honesty pushes you and kindly forces you to challenge your thinking and face your fears – if you are stuck and need to move, I highly recommend engaging Karen to push you and support you on the journey.

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It’s time to take back control of your development and your career growth, so that you can take full advantage of your talent and ambition. With your coach in your corner, clear development goals and the right tools, you will accelerate your growth and resilience so that you are ready to make your next move.

If you’re looking to accelerate your growth, and you want more information about how Personal Coaching will do that for you, click on the button below to book an obligation-free time to speak with Karen.

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