A study conducted at University of Washington provides more evidence that mindfulness practice has real value for organisational leaders. An eight week training program for managers improved focused attention, memory and mood, and reduced stress.

After the mindfulness training program, managers spent greater time on complex tasks and felt less stress. They continued to work in a more focused way on tasks despite distractions and multiple demands on their attention. Their memory for details of their work also improved. They experienced less negative mood and fatigue following completion of the tasks. Overall, they experienced less stress when confronted with multiple, complex tasks.

Managers who participated in the eight week training program reported greater mindful awareness and attention. Managers who received relaxation training did not experience any of these improvements.

There is increasing evidence of the value of Mindfulness training for increasing attention. Mindfulness can provide a powerful antidote to many Executives’ experiences of stressful, over-committed working days. Mindfulness promotes wellbeing and improves worker performance.

Read the research article here.

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