It’s a dilemma – should you be proud to see your article republished in Smart Company, or dismayed???

OK then, perhaps a bit of both; it’s just that feeling both at the same time is a bit weird.

Unfortunately the article, first published towards the beginning of the year, seems just as necessary today as then.

Making sure collaborative time is time well-spent continues to be one of the biggest workplace challenges for leaders,  along with the size of workload expectations and skill/labour shortages.

A key aspect of organising work is to set an appropriate cadence for meetings, with clear agendas and frequencies. Meetings are one of the most common methods we use to get work done, yet they are one of the biggest time sinks of the working day.

Imagine a schedule of meetings that creates positive and energising outcomes, improves your decision-making, increases team cohesion and motivation and saves you time!

If you’re a high achiever seeking to find more balance in your life (without sacrificing impact) have a read of the article and check out the tips.

In the article, based on Chapter 4 of FlexAbility, I explore the 10 ways to make meetings more productive so that you can limit wasting your precious time.

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