Lead Like a Coach – the program.

Create a bigger impact with your team with less effort from you

A program for leaders who want to…

stop fixing the same problems

get more and better work done

enjoy leading

Many leaders feel caught up in everyday pressures to produce results. They keep working harder. They don’t feel confident to coach: in fact, stepping back and coaching under these circumstances seems counter-intuitive.

Leaders who coach focus on cultivating trust with their team by supporting and developing them. They readily delegate work and responsibility to the team. They do what they can to make sure that their team members are set up to do their best work.

Not only does more and better work get done, this has the enormous benefit of relieving the pressure on leaders.

Leading through coaching…

  • increases trust, capability and commitment from your team
  • opens up more time to spend on what matters most to you, like strategic issues and stakeholder management.
  • dramatically shifts your impact as a leader if you coach and delegate more.

By coaching more, you will amplify your leadership impact.

Lead Like a Coach – the program is designed to take you from knowing how to coach to using coaching tactics regularly and with ease. It is a comprehensive approach that supports leaders to shift from doing and telling, which require so much more effort from you, to coaching, which shifts the work back to your team.

‘Karen taught me the importance of coaching in building and leading an effective team. At the time, I had just started a new role in a field which I was not familiar with, leading a new team with people from different backgrounds, a wide range of experiences, capabilities and varying degrees of ambition. Karen helped me to use coaching as a way to build trust in the team. We started engaging and communicating a lot more and ultimately worked a lot more effectively as a team.’

Program Agenda

Purpose: Clarify and confirm your purpose for increasing coaching. Why is it important to you, and what do you hope to achieve by being a better coach?

Preparation: Believe in your power to coach. Get set for success by increasing your flexibility and moderating your power.

Presence: Be like a coach: develop your coaching presence. Learn how to shift from management mode to coaching presence, why this is an important shift and how you can make it.

Practice: Warm it up like a coach. Improve your core coach-ing microskills. Practice with peers to refine these important coaching fundamentals. As Usain Bolt says, it only looks effortless because I practice relentlessly – that’s the reward for practice.

Polish: Play it like a coach. Put it all together. Rehearse an upcoming coaching conversation, refine it and increase your expertise and success.

‘I learnt to see how my beliefs, vulnerabilities, successes impacted how I responded to others within the work environment. Karen lifted me out of the details of the situation and helped me observe myself. I finally appreciated one’s work success is not just about the technical skills and delivery but is truly influenced by connectivity and how each person creates the connections. My “light bulb” moment was transformative and I believe was fundamental to my growth as a leader. It is an insight I try to pass on to others.’

Learning Outcomes


Develop clarity of purpose for increasing your leadership coaching.


Experience increased flexibility in interpersonal interactions.


Switch your power to ‘coach’ mode.


Shift from managing to coaching presence.


Improve your core coaching microskills.


Practice with peers to refine these important coaching fundamentals.


Put it all together. Rehearse high value/emotion coaching conversations, refine your expertise and your success.


With daily support, embed your coaching habits into your daily routine

‘Karen is a wonderful combination of intimidating and generous. Her coaching pushed me to question my underlying motivations, values and fears. In doing so it challenged me to let go of behaviours and assumptions that were undermining my leadership. Many thanks Karen!’

Program Overview

The Lead Like A Coach program is delivered in two formats: attend either an intensive face-to-face workshop, or via a live and interactive webinar series.
The same content is delivered in each of the two formats: choose the format that fits your routine.

A message from your Program Coach

Hi, I’m Karen Morley, and my vision is to amplify leadership impact. To invigorate leaders so that they are energised not exhausted, connected not fractured and can perform at their very best. That enables them to mobilise their full power, to unite effort, and to step up their value.

Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership facilitator, I’ve held executive roles in government and higher education; my approach is informed by these experiences.

I’ve coached leaders in organisations such as AICD, Allens, BHP Billiton, Broadspectrum, CBA, CFA, Coles, CSL, CUB, Downer, GCC, ExxonMobil, KPMG, Latitude Financial, Lendlease, L’Oreal, Lumleys, Medibank, Melbourne Airport, Melbourne Water, Monash Health, Officeworks, Orica, QBE, RACV, Rural Finance, Target, UGL, and VisionStream.

My role in this program is to be your guide to show how you can successfully increase your leadership coaching. I provide the map, give you an orientation, show you the key sites, light up the path and set you up to successfully navigate your way.

My books Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide, and Lead Like a Coach: how to get the most out of any team, as well as my whitepapers, are a way for me to share my ongoing learning about what it takes to be a good leader.

I use the latest evidence, practical strategies and inspiring coaching methods. Leaders and teams become more motivated, more influential and more productive.

I look forward to working with you to amplify your leadership impact!

Warm regards,
Dr Karen Morley MAPS, GAICD

This highly interactive program will show you how to create impact and get more from your team, with less effort.

What are the dates for the Interactive Webinar Series

Webinars are held every two weeks on Tuesdays at 3pm.

  • Webinar 1 Tuesday 13th August 2019, 3.00-4.30pm AEST.
  • Webinar 2 Tuesday 27th August 2019, 3.00-4.30pm AEST.
  • Webinar 3 Tuesday 10th September 2019, 3.00-4.30pm AEST.
  • Webinar 4 Tuesday 24th September 2019, 3.00-4.30pm AEST.
  • 90 Day follow-up webinar Tuesday 17th December 2019 AEST.

Numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 participants.

Calendar requests including a Zoom webinar link will be provided to you once your registration is confirmed.

The next live round of this program is scheduled for: TBA

How many people are in the program?

Each intake of participants is limited to 12 people per program; face-to-face and interactive webinar series. 

How do I enrol?

To register and pay by credit card, please order online here.

If you need to raise a purchase order, or would like an invoice, or for any other inquiries about this program, please email debbie@karenmorley.com.au.

You must participate in the upcoming round after enrolment.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations may be received in writing up to two weeks in advance of the face-to-face intensive workshop or the first webinar in the Interactive webinar series (cancellation period). Upon cancellation you will receive a refund, less a 25% processing fee.

Once the cancellation period has lapsed, no refunds apply. 

If you are unable to attend the program, but a colleague would benefit, you are welcome to pass on your place to them.

If all places are sold out at time of purchase, you will be offered:

  • a place in the alternative program type (face-to-face or webinar series) if spots are available.
  • a place in the next round of the live program.
  • a full refund.

For more information please contact debbie@karenmorley.com.au.

Can this program be run in-house for my team?

To arrange for the Lead Like a Coach Program to be delivered at your workplace for your team, please email debbie@karenmorley.com.au for booking details and pricing. 

Lead Like a Coach – the program.

Create a bigger impact with your team with less effort from you

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