Lead Like A Coach Online Program

You aspire to be a leader who makes a positive difference in the world.

Never before has there been such a critical time to support your team. You want to be a leader whose team members say ‘I enjoy being led by you’. They admire you for making the time to coach and support them through this time of challenge and change.

You’re convinced that the path to future leadership success is through having a positive impact.

If everyone in your team is doing great work, you won’t have to follow-up and set direction anywhere near as much. As a team, you’ll be more successful, and it won’t be such hard (or even sometimes boring!) work for you.

As a leader, you dream of having more freedom and autonomy, being able to leave the team to get on with things with much less oversight from you.

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You find yourself struggling with too many demands, especially from above, and not getting enough time to spend with your team.

This is a vicious cycle that keeps you from getting results quickly enough to be able to see around the next corner….and, of course, actually enjoying leading!

You are also struggling to have enough time to to get things done, so you end up in command and control mode. You feel like snapping. It creates a Catch-22 situation; you don’t get to be the leader you aspire to be.

So, you know that it takes more than good intentions.…

You’ve tried to win your boss over, get them on your side, but they’re too busy themselves. 

You’ve also tried to enlist help from HR… but they just don’t have the capacity for this kind of support. 

You’ve tried good old Harvard Business Review to get the latest scoop, the secret bit of information that’s going to change it all, but it doesn’t take the complexity of your situation into account! 

You’ve also “hoped and prayed” that things will get better –  but this just delays taking action.

It seems that the available options are superficial when it comes to getting the right support for being an outstanding coaching leader, for knowing the right tactics for getting high levels of team performance.

Others do things like purchasing some kind of “off-the-shelf” leadership training without caring too much about what it includes, or they do individual coaching which just hides the issue.

Some executives even send their team to a ‘Big Brand’  business school because, well, how could you go wrong… but we all know these kinds of quick-fix solutions rarely work.

There are some things that you know are stopping you from achieving your goal of being a leader who makes a positive difference:

You let yourself be overcome by self-doubt - maybe you just aren't that great at it

You can’t help it, results matter to you, things are too volatile, it's a treadmill that's hard to get off

You procrastinate - someone might come up with an easier way to do this, maybe you should just wait until they do

Maybe team members will get it (or leave) and the problem will magically disappear

Maybe someone else (Head Office?) will see the importance of this and that will mean you don’t have to go to the effort

Whenever you’re faced with these barriers, you normally:

Connect back with your aspiration and look for a way around the barriers… Build a better case, try a new angle, get advice, use different language.

What you find frustrating is the idea of settling for status quo or second best: that won’t help you be the leader you want to be.

You want to enjoy your job more, feel successful and help your team be high-performers.

You know it’s possible.

It should be easier and more rewarding than it is now.

You know that what you need is to build critical leadership coaching skills that will help you get your team to high performance.

You need to dedicate the time and attention to it, AND you need it to fit realistically into your work routine.

You know that when you do this, it will make a big difference to you and your team.

With my Lead Like a Coach Program, now available online, you’ll be able to:

Phone showing Lead Like a Coach cover next to a copy of the book Lead Like a Coach

help people grow and develop – your peers will notice how good your team is!


delegate more to your team and that means they take more responsibility


spend more time with key stakeholders and be more strategic


feel less pressure and not get so stressed or anxious about your workload


lead a high performing team and feel satisfied and successful

“I highly recommend the ‘Lead like a Coach’ program. Dr Karen Morley has a wealth of experience and is a knowledgeable executive coach. Exercises, practical insights, strategies and simple tools have given me the confidence to continue to practice my coaching in and outside the workplace environment. Her friendly, open and challenging style made it easy to connect and ask those difficult questions around coaching conversations, behaviours and assumptions. She helped me to reflect on my leadership style and authentically apply my learnings which have improved my relationships with my team and others.”

Lead Like a Coach is an online program designed to help busy executives get more leadership impact with less effort.

Leading through coaching increases trust, capability and commitment.

When leaders coach more, they stop fixing the same problems, reduce crisis problem-solving, get more and better work done, and enjoy leading.

Two packs of coaching cards on a wooden table

As a Leader, you will go from feeling caught up in everyday pressures to producing results with greater ease

You will get clearer about what it takes to grow your team to be high performing and you will feel more satisfied and successful

You will have the confidence to delegate more to your team so they take on greater responsibility, and you trust that they will do what you expect of them

You will be better able to help your team to grow and develop, and increase collaboration and belonging. Everyone will enjoy working together more

You will feel less pressure, and be less burdened by a busy leadership workload. That will give you more time to spend on the rest of your life, and you’ll have the energy to enjoy it more

Stakeholders will see you as more strategic and having greater insight into what really matters to the business.

Lead Like a Coach Features

Across all devices

Learning to be a coaching leader who makes a positive difference has never been easier. Lead Like a Coach can be accessed on desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

Unique learning cycle

This is no ordinary online learning. Learning is based on a learning cycle of action, feedback and trigger that results 20x higher engagement and completion rates.

Easy & Flexible

Content is delivered in bite-sized pieces, making it super-easy to absorb new information, whenever it fits into your schedule.

Engaging & Fun

You receive step-by-step action-based information that drives engagement. You will go on Quests, complete Missions, and unlock Levels.

Effective app features

The app includes automatic reminders, notifications, and messages to reinforce learning and maintain your success. Daily reminders help new habits form and are highly rewarding.

Supportive community

And there’s a community of learners to interact and support each other as they learn.

Get expert guidance

Expert coaching guidance from me reinforces your learning commitment.

What Executive Leaders have to say about Karen’s programs

“Karen gave me a number of very useful techniques that enabled me to maintain my objectivity and my equilibrium at a very challenging time. Central to the process was a focus on clarifying my values: the process she led me through was beneficial in understanding my core values that would continue to guide me, and the new and changing values that were driving a re-orientation.’”

“Before meeting and engaging Karen as my coach, I hadn’t had a coach for over 15 years. I wasn’t sure about what value Karen would add, nor did I initially think I needed a coach (one was assigned when I joined this company). Within the first 20 minutes of meeting with Karen, 1) I knew I needed a coach; 2) I knew Karen would be the perfect coach for me 3) I had several key areas of my leadership to develop!’”

“Overall leadership coaching was tremendously positive. I have made significant progress as a leader, a view supported by feedback from my key stakeholders. From the first session, the chemistry was right and Karen very quickly became familiar with me and my role. Meetings with Karen have provided the guidance and solid structure around which to reflect and formulate development plans with clear actions and outcomes. Karen has also assisted me in navigating through a period of uncertainty.”

I had the pleasure of having Karen as a coach and she taught me the importance of coaching in building and leading an effective team. At the time, I had just started a new role in a field which I was not familiar with, leading a new team with people from different backgrounds, a wide range of experiences, capabilities and varying degrees of ambition. Karen helped me to use coaching as a way to build trust in the team. I realised that the more I used a coaching approach, my team also started to coach each other. We started engaging and communicating a lot more and ultimately worked a lot more effectively as a team.

“I first met Karen Morley at a time I was having difficulty with a number of work interactions. I was recently appointed into a senior role to develop a new team and desperately wanted to be successful. However I found myself struggling to connect with the team, find acceptance with my new peers and couldn’t understand my boss’s responses. My toolbox from prior executive coaching was failing me and I knew I needed a different approach. On meeting Karen I realised I had found the difference. Karen focussed on me, the individual. Not me the co-worker or employee. For the first time I learnt to see how my beliefs, vulnerabilities, successes impacted how I responded to others within the work environment. Karen lifted me out of the details of the situation and helped me observe myself. I finally appreciated one’s work success is not just about the technical skills and delivery but is truly influenced by connectivity and how each person creates the connections. That “light bulb” moment was transformative and I believe was fundamental to my growth as a leader. It is an insight I try to pass on to others.

Karen Morley coaching a young woman wearing a white blouse with red trim who is facing away from the camera

Program Inclusions

Lead Like A Coach online program includes:

Four Learning Quests delivered in small, easily digestible chunks that help you stay focused on your learning and mastery

Learning Quests focus on Coach mindset, Thinking flexibility, Core skills and Coaching conversations

Anywhere, anytime learning. You won't just consume passive content, but actively use the content in your day-to-day work

Group support with peers. The community of support helps you to accelerate your development

1:1 support and guidance from Karen as you work through your Quests

An action plan to help you embed coaching habits into your daily routine

About Karen

I help leaders get more impact with less effort. 


My vision is to amplify leadership impact. To help leaders mobilise their full power, to unite effort, and to step up their value.

I’ve designed Lead Like a Coach to spread the magic of coaching to all leaders. We need to lighten the weight of leadership and make it more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Having coached hundreds of leaders over thousands of hours, I am still amazed at how much growth is possible when people are willing to be coached.

Besides being an Executive Coach, a psychologist and leadership facilitator, I’ve held executive roles in government and higher education; my approach is informed by these experiences.

The result?

Successful coaching leaders who makes a positive difference to the world.

Karen Morley leaning against a coloured glass wall in front of whiteboard smiling

Some of Karen’s clients and what they have to say

“Karen’s background as a psychologist and her enormous experience of business life enables her to be an insightful coach to senior executives. Her ability to move between the micro and the macro is outstanding.”

“My career would not be where it is today without the candid, thought-provoking and ‘call-to-action’ coaching from Karen.
She taught 
me how to navigate my journey – through the highs and lows
– with an honesty that enabled me to challenge conventions and take 
ownership of my destiny.”

“10/10: Leadership coaching helped me increase my effectiveness as a leader. There was the right balance between challenge and support in achieving my goals. Karen helped me significantly build my emotional intelligence. She was a breakthrough for me in building my confidence and identifying key leadership development areas.”

So if you want to become a next generation CEO – a true leader who leads, coaches and supports their teams, click on the button below to sign up for Lead Like a Coach Program.

I’m going to help you lighten the leadership load. To coach more and stop fixing the same problems, to reduce crisis problem-solving. You’ll get more and better work done – and enjoy making a positive difference to your world.

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