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4 Key Coaching Practices You Need To Lead Like A Coach

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The masterclass features discussion about:

  1. Why you should coach
    Understand how coaching fulfils fundamental human needs at work. 
  2. Why humility is core to coaching
    Learn tactics to increase your humility as you coach. 
  3. How empathy is conveyed when you coach
    Learn how you can increase your empathy and boost the level of trust and influence in your relationships. 
  4. What is most motivating?
    Hear more about how you can increase your team’s motivation with a simple daily practice. 
  5. Tips and tactics for increasing coaching moments
    Tips on how you can do more coaching when there isn’t enough time for everything else anyway. 
  6. Identify what you can do immediately to coach more
    Leave with one priority action that you can start right now.
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