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I never stop thinking about how to make leadership more effective, much easier, and more satisfying.

Doing my training as a psychologist, I was taught to look at the evidence first, and identify how to translate that into practice. This is the ‘scientist-practitioner’ model. It has served me very well. And I use it in service to better leadership.

When it comes to leadership, I don’t think more has been written about many other topics. Not all of it is helpful. Not all of it has a research-base. Probably more is misleading than is helpful.

Since Lee Iaccoca published his eponymous ‘Iaccoca’ in 1984 we have been captured by the cult of the hero leader. It is past time to put that to rest. Inclusive leadership that serves the organisation’s needs rather than self-serving individual careers is what we need as we head into the 2020s and huge uncertainty.

My goal is that through my writing and my programs I can contribute to improving leadership so that it is seen as a service not an entitlement.  Please enjoy.

Latest Blog Posts 

Why we should stop expecting leaders to be exciting

Why we should stop expecting leaders to be exciting

I was staggered recently to see a news article entitled ‘Joe Biden isn’t exciting’.  I read past this headline to discover the article claimed it was a good thing he wasn’t. When we promote extremes – exciting versus not exciting – we fixate on the binary, and...

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A clear purpose is the path to a flexible life

A clear purpose is the path to a flexible life

As this year gets underway, we probably all have one thing in mind – we hope it will be easier than 2020 was! This post focuses on a few key tips for making this year a successful one for you. Aligning with purpose, managing stress, and keeping a sense of hope are a...

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I have three series of Whitepapers that distill relevant evidence into workable actions.

The Generative Leadership series focuses on coaching, coaching culture, collaboration and psychological safety. The Inclusive Leadership series focuses on removing bias from leadership and making it more inclusive.

The Flexible Leader is my latest project – helping you to be the flexible leader you need to be, and we need you to be, to shape a more promising and vibrant future for our organisations, our families and our societies.

Quizzes to help you discover your leadership styles

Improving your leadership starts with understanding where you’re at right now. Then articulating where you want to be. The gap between the two is your development opportunity.

What’s the best way to understand where you’re at right now? Assessing yourself against a structured reliable framework, and getting feedback from others. Try my quizzes to help you understand more about your leadership and influencing styles. 

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