ON TARGET – Lead your organisation’s future success by Accelerating inclusion

Lead a more inclusive, engaging, and innovative organisation

Be known as an executive who promotes diversity, creates an inclusive organisation, and reaps the benefits.

Increasing organisational success by increasing the diversity of your workforce has appeal. It’s more than a current fad – it’s aligned with your values to lead a modern, innovative workplace.

You get it, but your organisation isn’t there yet.

What can you do to speed up the pace of progress?

What will your legacy be?

Increase your organisation’s rate of progress and overcome roadblocks and backlash.

Focus on constructive ways to engage everyone in change and leave a lasting legacy for making a difference.

I will help you to accelerate the pace of change so that you achieve your inclusion goals more rapidly.

I work with senior leaders and diversity committees in construction, architecture, and mining organisations, amongst others.  (I specialise in working with organisations in science, engineering and technology areas.) I work with you in six- and 12-month cycles, crafting a program to suit your needs.

Based on your current state, aspirations, and available resources, your program will be crafted from the following options:

  • CEO and executive mentoring
  • Craft meaningful diversity strategy/policy
  • Inclusive leadership diagnostics
  • ExCo workshops
  • Executive coaching to increase inclusive leadership
  • Learning and development programs that increase awareness, grow capabilities and embed them in your culture
  • Advice to Diversity committees
  • Assistance to in-house human resources to design and develop ongoing programs

As a diversity and inclusion advocate and thought leader, I’ve worked with CEOs and senior leaders to help them to create meaning and purpose to guide their diversity strategies and inclusion programs.

The best leaders use everyone’s talents to the fullest; let me help you to be the best leader.

As an expert in unconscious bias, I know first-hand how it affects leadership decisions – and how to create a culture change within organisations and teams.

I host unconscious bias and inclusive leadership workshops that help executives understand and manage the impact of their beliefs.

The following example of an inclusive leadership workshop outline can be tailored to your organisation’s needs. This workshop is designed to increase senior leaders’ ability to work with and maximise the value of diversity within their teams.


A week or so on from our People Planning forum I wanted to just pop you a short note to say thank you for the quality and delivery of the material last week. The feedback as I have gone around the executive team has been excellent & it certainly enabled some really good discussion later in the day.

Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Large Retailer

Inclusive Leadership Workshop

My inclusive leadership workshop focuses on increasing the leader’s understanding of how to be more inclusive in the work place. The workshop provides participants with tips and tactics to use with individuals and teams.

This workshop covers:

  • The difference between diversity and inclusion, and why they go together;
  • How to be an inclusive leader, focusing in particular on how to grow empowerment and trust;
  • The latest thinking on unconscious bias, and what value there is in unconscious bias training;
  • How to increase inclusion in teams.

Benefits to participants:

  • Greater awareness of the value of multiple perspectives
  • Increased appreciation of diversity in thinking and behaviour
  • A more more flexible, inclusive management style
  • Knowledge of how to increase talent and capability within their teams and organisations.

Workshop Details:

This is an interactive workshop with myself. Participants will engage in activities, including reflection, discussion with each other, and live polling.

It is available for delivery as a two-hour interactive seminar, as a half-day workshop or as a full-day skills development workshop.

Participants will increase their leadership effectiveness by better understanding:

  • That biases of which we are unaware are endemic to decision making
  • How conscious and unconscious biases work
  • How diversity dynamics affect team functioning and performance
  • What you can do to better understand the diversity in your team
  • How to create a more inclusive team climate that supports and harnesses the value of diverse perspectives and interests
  • How to lead with greater flexibility and mindfulness

The intention of the program is not to inculcate any particular way of thinking, but to open participants up to increased flexibility of thinking, making more mindful decisions and increasing choice. The workshop will identify how to become more aware of bias, how to manage bias in thinking, and how to minimise the impact of bias on decisions. Participants will be introduced to and practice a range of strategies, skills, tools and techniques for leading diversity in the workplace.

What is Inclusive Leadership and how can you achieve it in your organisation?

Leaders need to pay attention to seemingly contradictory human needs at work. Individuals need to both standout and be seen as unique, and to fit in and connect with others.

Inclusive leaders attend to both needs by coaching individuals to bring out their best and using specific tactics that unite across difference. They build trust and empower everyone to work together collaboratively and be more productive.

Key challenges that hinder progress:

  • Progress isn’t always tangible and obstacles aren’t always transparent;
  • Facing objections and shifting opposers’ practices can feel like walking through fog; worse, trying to change their minds can backfire;
  • There’s latent power amongst senior white male leaders who have great persuasive power yet may be uncertain about how to use it; and
  • It only starts with diversity; to get its benefits you need an inclusive culture.

Overcome these challenges

I’ve developed an interactive workshop to equip executive leaders with the advanced skills needed to become inclusive leaders and empower others to do the same.

Karen Morley in navy jacket leaning against a white wall in front of a large window

“Fantastic. Very enlightening and made me self-reflective.”

“Awesome and very inspiring.”

“Great presentation!”

“Very helpful information, insights and process.”

“Karen’s clear and concise presentation provided a very profound understanding for me of the diversity dividend from operating inclusively.”

“Unconscious bias in leadership session was great, would like to learn more.”

Workshop Participant Feedback

Workshop Presenter

Dr Karen Morley

Dr Karen Morley helps leaders to realise their full potential. Besides being an Executive Coach and leadership facilitator, she’s held executive roles in government and higher education; her approach is informed by these experiences.  Her doctorate examined the leadership capabilities of public sector executives.

The best leaders use everyone’s talents to the full, and her programs promote inclusive leadership strategies and practices. She is an authority on the benefits of gender-balanced leadership and how to help women to succeed in senior organisational roles. She has published Gender Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide and written numerous other working and white papers.

Karen is an Honorary Fellow of the University of Melbourne and a Director at ANZSOG. She’s a Psychologist with a desire to align what leaders do with the available evidence for what works.

Karen facilitating leaders around a meeting table

Some of Karen’s clients and what they have to say


While I did have a clear vision of my legacy and the inclusive workplace I wanted to create, it would not have been possible without your guidance and input. Thank you for your contribution, working with my leadership teams and me to develop our Diversity and Inclusion legacy.

Infrastructure CEO


I was delighted to work with Karen on a project where she delivered training and think tank sessions with our executive leadership group and our line managers.
I strongly recommend Karen’s expertise in the area of diversity and inclusion, and trust her depth of knowledge and the high standard of rigour she applies to the science that underpins her messaging. Not a lot of consultants in this space are able to deliver this in the moment when complex topics arise. This is a critical difference needed when changing or challenging the hearts and minds of leaders.

D&I Manager, Human Services

Inclusive Leadership Workshop Enquiries

For more information about leadership workshops, please contact me via the form below, or call 0438 215 391

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