Inclusionist Quest.

Making it easier for you to be more influential and create more impact

A program for inclusion influencers to…

... step up the rate of progress,

stop backlash,

and create inclusive workplaces where everyone thrives.

Influence model.

This is my Influence model, which frames the Quest.

The Inclusionist Quest is designed to make it easier for you to be more influential and create more impact. It will help you to be more strategic about the change you want to create.

You will be guided by your conviction that a better, more inclusive world is not just something wonderful to aspire to, it’s possible. 

What is an ‘inclusionist’?

I created this term to represent an advocate for inclusion – someone who is:

  • convinced that a more inclusive world is a better world for everyone;
  • creative, and always experimenting with better ways to get there sooner;
  • courageous enough to step up to lead the conversation and the action.

“While I did have a clear vision of my legacy and the inclusive workplace I wanted to create, it would not have been possible without your guidance and input. Thank you for your contribution, working with my leadership teams and me to develop our Diversity and Inclusion legacy.”

Make more impact. Sooner.

Inclusionist Quest is a highly interactive program of 6 webinars plus 1:1 coaching support that will help you increase your influence with your stakeholders. Be lifted up through our community of practice, share fresh ideas, suggestions, and ways to get around the challenges you face.

I know how hard it can be to get buy-in and create the change needed for diversity and inclusion, and how it seems like there’s always the potential for backlash and derailment.

Sometimes as an advocate, you may feel like you are on your own, often the sole voice in a sea of issues, crises, and competing priorities.

Whether or not you have a specific Diversity & Inclusion role, it’s often your personal passion and energy that carries you through. As a result, you need to work on many fronts, on many levels, and often without formal authority. It’s a fine line to walk: get others’ attention but be careful not to offend or overwhelm them. You often become overwhelmed yourself!

It can be incredibly dispiriting when you are going up against, rather than going with the tide. You know you’ve got to get on the agenda, you’ve got to get more than lip service, and you need to sustain the momentum.

But how do you do that?

You need to be an influencer which means you can create bigger change. You’ll no longer be shut out of the action or have to make do with minor wins. 

Inclusionist Quest is designed to give you that community support and to ensure that you get the strength in numbers to get things done sooner and with less effort.

“I was delighted to work with Karen on a project where she delivered training and think tank sessions with our executive leadership group and our line managers. I strongly recommend Karen’s expertise in the area of diversity and inclusion, and trust her depth of knowledge and the high standard of rigour she applies to the science that underpins her messaging.

Not a lot of consultants in this space are able to deliver this in the moment when complex topics arise. This is a critical difference needed when changing or challenging the hearts and minds of leaders.”

Program Overview

The program comprises 6 x two-hour interactive webinars, held monthly.

That’s when the community formally weaves its magic.

Two webinars are held focusing on each of the three themes: Conviction, Creativity and Courage.

There are two x 30 minute 1:1 coaching sessions, one after Webinar 1 and prior to Webinar 6 to help you refine your influence.


You are guided by purpose. Leverage your conviction to grow your influence.

Conviction in the Value of Inclusion. By sharing and refining your conviction in the value of inclusion you will multiply the value of what you do. We share successes, and benefit from the wisdom of others. All in service to create greater inclusion.

Grow Together. A growth mindset is such a valuable asset. Particularly when focusing on attitudes and values about people. I’ll help you keep a learning mindset, to stay positive and optimistic. And that fuels motivation.


Get creative about partnering to achieve meaningful shared outcomes.

Create Better Ways to Achieve Inclusion. There is no shortage of ideas and tactics for increasing diversity and inclusion. Some work better than others. Some suit some contexts, not others. Because there’s also no shortage of challenges and barriers. We can use the existing evidence creatively, to make it easier for others to become Inclusionists.

Lead Together. By being a part of this community, you meet more people who share the same commitments. You’ll unlock valuable collaborations. You’ll get exclusive content, and I will bring you new, fresh ideas and practices to experiment with.


Lead the way. Increase your tactics for stepping mindfully into the tougher conversations; stay poised to move past barriers. And keep working on what’s going well.

Take Courage to Lead the Conversation. With the support of the community, you don’t need to feel you’re going it alone, that you’re exposed as the lone voice. You don’t need to second guess yourself, we’ve got your back. Step into your power as an influencer with greater confidence.

Sustain Together. It’s hard work. As part of the community with our shared purpose, we can encourage, cheer and recognise the ideas, support and successes we have. And that makes it worthwhile! Be energised by the power of the community to lift and propel you forward.

Karen Morley holding up a copy of Beat Gender Bias towards the camera, and smiling

Bonus inclusion:

You’ll also receive a signed copy of my new book Beat Gender Bias: How to Play a Better Part in a More Inclusive World.

In this book, I explain how biases, particularly the insidious unconscious ones, trip us up. I outline how to minimise their impact. I share stories from leaders committed to making their organisations fairer. My Bias Busters are actions you can take to outsmart bias, help advance the progress of women, and create more inclusive cultures. My goal is to make it easier to notice, talk about, and overcome bias.

Learning Outcomes


Meet people on the same Quest who share your interests and values, who do similar work, and who care about the same topics.


Experience exclusive content and conversations you can’t find anywhere else.


Make better-informed decisions about the things that are most important to you.


Get fresh perspectives, swap stories and experiences, get help removing roadblocks.


Find a little inspiration, have thought-provoking conversations, get encouragement for your work.


Get my expertise and personal coaching to help you.

The Details.

The next Inclusionist Quest program is being held in partnership with NAWO, and is for members in the network who want to step up the rate of progress, stop backlash, and create inclusive workplaces where everyone thrives.

The program comprises five interactive webinars and workbook activities.  

Total time investment required from participants is 18 hours over six weeks.
NAWO Corporate & Individual members $950 (excl. GST)
*exclusively offered to NAWO members at a special member only price.
Find out more about this special version of Inclusionist Quest here.

If you need to raise a purchase order, or would like an invoice, or for any other inquiries, please email [email protected]

Your registration and payment will be confirmed via email. A tax invoice will be emailed to you as soon as payment is made/ processed.

Cancellations may be received in writing up to two weeks in advance of the first webinar. You will receive a refund, less a 25% processing fee. If you are unable to attend the program, but a colleague would benefit, you are welcome to pass on your place to them.

To arrange for Inclusionist Quest to be delivered in-house, email [email protected]

Your Quest Leader

I am an inclusionist. My vision is to amplify leadership impact. Everyone’s. That’s why inclusive leadership strategies and practices are core to all my work. I’m an authority on the benefits of gender-balanced leadership and how to help women to succeed at work. And on how to be an inclusive leader.

It’s my own history of experiencing difference and exclusion that drives my motivation to influence inclusion. I’m working hard to help leaders understand the value of inclusive leadership to organisational as well as social outcomes.

I have helped organisations like Bunnings, CSL, Department of Education, Department of Justice, Downer, Fulton Hogan Australia, HASSELL, Melbourne Water, QBE, Officeworks, and the University of Melbourne on their diversity and inclusion programs. I work with passionate advocates of inclusion to help them increase their influence and make a bigger impact, sooner.

I have previously published Gender- Balanced Leadership: An Executive Guide to help organisations be fairer and get great results and Lead like a Coach: How to Make the Most of Any Team to help leaders increase engagement and get better work done.


Dr Karen Morley MAPS, GAICD

Inclusionist Quest.

Making it easier for you to be more influential and create more impact

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