Inclusionist Quest Program

Are you frustrated with how long it’s taking to achieve gender balance?

You KNOW women have the talent to lead.

You want to see women take their place as equal partners in executive leadership, it’s time they did.

Not in 100 years, not in another decade; you want to see significant progress NOW!

As our world changes irrevocably and we face great uncertainty, you know that women MUST be equal partners in designing our future world.

You want to see women recognised for their insights, their talents and their leadership, to gain their rightful place on executive leadership teams. But….the pace is slow, it’s lonely and often dispiriting. Sometimes it feels too hard to keep fighting for equality.

It’s emotionally draining to be the one always raising the issue, repeating the same justifications, facing pushback, making some progress, then getting more resistance. You savour the wins, yet they’re still too far apart.

I get it. You want your efforts to be rewarded. You want to feel that you have more influence; that your actions get a bigger payback.

Dr Karen Morley in red coat leaning over railing smiling at camera

You can imagine a time when you look back and feel like it was all worth it.

How good it would be – having a reputation for successfully influencing the achievement of gender balance? You can imagine your future self working in a wonderful inclusive culture. It will be worth it!

However, you are currently struggling with having the influence you seek.

You continue to beat the drum. Is anyone listening? You know it interferes with relationships with some of your colleagues. They see you as always raising the gender card. You feel pigeon-holed.

You want to be able to both call out gender issues, and be taken seriously for the work you do. You can’t give up the fight – who else is going to do this? It’s too important to let go. But you’re just not getting the cut through to match your effort. 

You’ve seen people take the easy route when it comes to gender balance and inclusive leadership. They think they can write a policy, or maybe they have plenty of women in the talent pool and think they can leave it to fate… Or they just ignore the issue because they don’t get any support from management. 

You’ve seen people create a flexible work program, or join a membership group (and then do nothing); or do some quick unconscious bias training and think that fixes everything! But you know these kinds of “magic pill” solutions will never work.

This is why you’re here.

You don’t want to feel alone, you want to feel influential, feel supported to achieve your goals with less time and effort, and to make a bigger impact. 

At times you hit a few mental blocks that slow you down. You say things to yourself like:

I don't have enough influence to get people on my side

I don't have the budget in my control so I can't do anything significant

If I stick my neck out - again, I'll just get let down - again

There's so much noise about this now, how will I be heard, it feels way too crowded

I'm so busy with other things it's easier to just let it slide

You don’t need to know more ‘technical stuff’ about diversity, you’re looking for something different to help you build momentum for change.

You want people to listen to you and then do the right thing. You need new inspiration, and a community to share the load.

Karen Morley facilitating a group discussion with three men and one woman

Inclusionist Quest was created for you!

With Inclusionist Quest, you will:


Get unstuck. I'll show you how to look at doing things more creatively - like identifying tactics to get around roadblocks, get people feeling positive, find ways that suit them to be involved


Get support from like-minded peers and that means that you don't have to carry the whole burden yourself


Use your personal conviction to inspire and motivate others: I'll show you how


Feel re-energised and excited about diversity, I'll help you feel less burdened by the cause


Feel like there's more hope and be able to maintain your commitment over the long term

What you will achieve

You will be able to stop working so hard against resistance. You will have the tools and the tactics to increase your influence and your success, and you will feel supported, recognised and authoritative.

You will feel satisfied that the rewards finally match your efforts. 

Be part of an energetic community, get support from peers, and feel less burdened by the work of change.

I’ll help you keep a learning mindset, to stay positive and optimistic. And that fuels your motivation

Refine your personal conviction in the value of inclusion and use it to inspire others

Get unstuck, and unstick resistance from others by identifying tactics for getting around roadblocks, getting people on side, feeling positive and finding ways to increase support.

You'll get exclusive content, and I will bring you fresh ideas and practices to experiment with

With the support of the community, you don't need to feel you're going it alone, that you're exposed as the lone voice. You don't need to second guess yourself, we've got your back. Step into your power as an influencer with greater confidence.

What Executive Leaders have to say about Karen’s programs

A week or so on from our People Planning forum I wanted to just pop you a short note to say thank you for the quality and delivery of the material last week.  The feedback as I have gone around the executive team has been excellent & it certainly enabled some really good discussion later in the day.

Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Large Retailer


I was delighted to work with Karen on a project where she delivered training and think tank sessions with our executive leadership group and our line managers.
I strongly recommend Karen’s expertise in the area of diversity and inclusion, and trust her depth of knowledge and the high standard of rigour she applies to the science that underpins her messaging. Not a lot of consultants in this space are able to deliver this in the moment when complex topics arise. This is a critical difference needed when changing or challenging the hearts and minds of leaders.

D&I Manager, Human Services

While I did have a clear vision of my legacy and the inclusive workplace I wanted to create, it would not have been possible without your guidance and input. Thank you for your contribution, working with my leadership teams and me to develop our Diversity and Inclusion legacy.

Infrastructure CEO

Bonus Inclusion:

You will also receive a signed copy of Dr Karen Morley’s best-selling (and well-researched!) book “Beat Gender Bias” for free

In this book, Karen explains how biases, particularly the insidious unconscious ones, trip us up. It outlines how to minimise their impact and shares stories from leaders committed to making their organisations fairer. Karen’s Bias Busters are actions you can take to outsmart bias, help advance the progress of women, and create more inclusive cultures. Our goal is to make it easier to notice, talk about, and overcome bias.

Karen Morley holding up a copy of Beat Gender Bias towards the camera, and smiling

‘Creating a truly inclusive workplace, where your team genuinely want to put down roots and grow, starts with a mindset and culture of safety, connection and feeling welcome. A constant threat to this flourishing is bias, and as leaders it’s often the unconscious thoughts that play out in the lived reality.

Beat Gender Bias is a fantastic framework for raising awareness and identifying behaviours in ourselves and our teammates, and for challenging this head on in a way that brings teams on the right journey to a place of work that bears out the true nature of diversity and inclusion.’

Michael Schneider, Managing Director, Bunnings


Everyone knows about the causes and consequences of gender bias, but few know how to combat it. This book, packed with practical suggestions, is a must-read for anyone interested in reducing gender bias and creating an inclusive workplace.

Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist at Manpower Group, Professor of Business Psychology at Columbia University and UCL


Dr Morley has extensive experience working with organisations and their leaders. Her insights, combined with her extensive knowledge of organisational behaviours, have clearly been brought to the fore in Beat Gender Bias. It is a very approachable and well-organised tool to enable anyone to understand bias, the situations that arise when bias is viewed as acceptable, and how you can turn a toxic environment into an inclusive one. I would recommend the book to anyone that is hoping to lead an organisation to maximise everyone’s talents and create a highly productive organisation that will be successful into the future.

Anthea Hancocks, CEO, Scanlon Foundation


When organisations have a role to serve the community, naturally half the population benefiting should be women and girls. However, many studies demonstrate that there is unconscious bias in service delivery by government agencies. The tools and tips outlined in Dr Karen Morley’s book Beat Gender Bias will assist councils to be more inclusive in service delivery to everyone across the community. Reading this will assist public sector leaders to make the invisible visible and then work to address equitable delivery of service.

Ruth McGowan, OAM, Local Government consultant and trainer


I had the pleasure of being supported by Karen on my leadership journey for the last 12 months. During this period we had lots of meaningful conversations around purpose-driven leadership and what makes a strong team. Having worked in many different countries around the globe, there is one big learning for me: more different backgrounds, experiences and worldviews the people in your company have, the better they will find solutions and drive performance. I encourage every leader to change perspective and to experience the wealth of a more diverse view – it is truly enriching and one of the greatest experiences I have as a leader every day.

Rafael Pasquet, CFO, Mercedes-Benz Financial Services Australia Pty. Ltd.


I have long been a believer in the critical importance of diversity of thought in achieving high performance. Encouraging inclusion and listening are keys to leveraging the diversity dividend. How to successfully and consistently promote diversity and achieve inclusion are the hard parts. Thankfully, Karen’s book gives all leaders the tools we need to do this. With Karen’s book in hand, I am confident many more leaders will be able to champion change and beat bias, to ensure that their organisations and communities are high-performing.

Paul Axup, CFO, Aurecon

Program Overview

The program comprises 5 webinars over approximately three months.

Three x one hour webinars allow you to connect in small teams to focus in on the specific challenges you face. Two x two hour webinars bring the community together to share experiences and suggestions.

The webinars focus on these three themes: Conviction, Creativity and Courage.


You are guided by purpose. Leverage your conviction to grow your influence.

Conviction in the Value of Inclusion. By sharing and refining your conviction in the value of inclusion you will multiply the value of what you do. We share successes, and benefit from the wisdom of others. All in service to create greater inclusion. I’ll help you keep a learning mindset, to stay positive and optimistic. And that fuels motivation.


Get creative about partnering to achieve meaningful shared outcomes.

Create Better Ways to Achieve Inclusion. There is no shortage of ideas and tactics for increasing diversity and inclusion. Some work better than others. Some suit some contexts, not others. Because there’s also no shortage of challenges and barriers. You’ll unlock valuable collaborations. You’ll get exclusive content, and I will bring you new, fresh ideas and practices to experiment with.


Lead the way. Increase your tactics for stepping mindfully into the tougher conversations; stay poised to move past barriers.

Take Courage to Lead the Conversation. With the support of the community, you don’t need to feel you’re going it alone, that you’re exposed as the lone voice. You don’t need to second guess yourself, we’ve your back. Step into your power as an influencer with greater confidence.

About Karen

I am an Inclusionist!

My vision is to amplify leadership impact. Everyone’s. That’s why inclusive leadership strategies and practices are core to all my work. I’m an authority on the benefits of gender-balanced leadership and how to help women to succeed at work. And on how to be an inclusive leader.

It’s my own history of experiencing difference and exclusion that drives my motivation to beat bias. I’m working hard to help leaders understand the value of inclusive leadership to organisational as well as social outcomes.

Join me!

Karen Morley standing in large office area, holding a red ipad

Some of Karen’s clients:

If you truly love your work and the people you work with and want to make a positive gender-balance impact in your organisation, you need to join Inclusionist Quest.

It’s time for women to be equal partners in designing our future world.

... step up the rate of progress,

stop backlash,

and create inclusive workplaces where everyone thrives.

Inclusionist Quest.

Making it easier for you to be more influential and create more impact

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