And beat burnout while you’re at it.

I’d like to hope that 2024 will see diminishing stress and burnout levels because we’re managing realistic work demands, nurturing warm and collaborative work cultures, and recognizing people for the contribution they make.

Unfortunately, overwork expectations remain well entrenched.  And if you’re a high achiever, conscientious and agreeable, you’re likely to find yourself getting/staying caught in the slipstream.

Your organisation expects a lot from you, and you expect a lot from yourself.  And those expectations just seem to be on the rise.

To succeed in this over-demanding environment, you need to grant yourself the freedom to resist the sacrifices of overwork so that you can live a rich, purpose-filled life, doing meaningful work while prioritising your wellbeing.

And what if you could not just manage your flexibility, burnout and wellbeing, but you could be more influential as a leader into the bargain?  You can.  I’m not saying it’s easy, but it certainly can be done.

The two foundations for managing your flexibility:

  • CLARITY OF PURPOSE – why you do what you do

If you know why you do what you do and where work fits into your sense of purpose, you can make better decisions about your work and your life.

  • CLARITY OF FOCUS – what you do and how you do it

If you have good methods for focusing on the work that matters MOST, you are most likely to achieve your goals and aspirations.

With this clear, one crucial thing that becomes easier is:

  • SAYING NO – what you don’t/won’t do and why

Sure, there’s an art to it.  Saying no without using the word is a great tactic.  Try prefacing any ‘no’ with a yes, starting with what you will do, followed by what you won’t do.  Give it a try!

When you’re clearer about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, you can be so much clearer with others about what you will do for them and need from them. That’s influence.

I set up the FlexAbility Challenge last year as a one-year free program to help you be clear about what matters most to you, readjust your work structure and habits to suit, and manage down your stress and burnout.

Unfortunately, the world’s still crazy-paced, so It’s back again this year.  Join up and take back control of your work and your life.

Having a clear purpose can help you influence
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