Keeping people motivated, and keeping your motivated people on your team, can be helped along with a good understanding of just what motivation is, and how you affect it.

Keeping yourself motivated and understanding what can help you to manage/increase your motivation is just as important, because motivation certainly isn’t a one size fits all proposition.

In a buoyant labour market, understanding the motivational impact of employment offers and organisational climates is something you have every right to be thoughtful and proactive about.

What do you ask for? Being able to frame the why of what makes work motivating for you is a very powerful position to take.

An article by Boris Groysberg and Robin Abrahams has a great, simple model for understanding motivation, and how to increase it. Their article dates back to mid-pandemic and is equally relevant now.

Whenever has motivating employees not been an important part of the leader’s toolkit?

The science can help make important decisions that have an everyday/everyone impact. I’ve tweaked their ABCD model in my interpretation below.


Diagram of the 4 quandrants and levers that increase motivation


The four motivations are:

  • Status – acquiring things , both tangible and intangible
  • Belonging – forming bonds and connections with others
  • Mastery – satisfying curiosity and mastering our world
  • Protection – defending against threat, promoting justice

Recognition and rewards leverage status needs, teamwork and collaboration leverage belonging, curiosity and giving a sense of control promote mastery, while protection is leveraged through safety and fairness.

Check out their article to find out more on how to assess how well each of these areas are covered off, and if there is some room for improvement.

While the levers for increasing motivation are discussed from the viewpoint of what leaders and organisations can be doing to monitor and improve these areas, you can do your own self-assessment too.


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