How high achievers beat burnout and find freedom in an overworked world

FlexAbility, my fourth book, is now available! And it couldn’t come at a better time, when we are facing into our third year of living and working in a pandemic. You can preview the first chapter, or buy the book now.

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About The Book

It was impossible to imagine the profound impact COVID-19 would have on our lives. If there was a silver lining in the pandemic, however, it seemed to be that work practices would be fundamentally changed. After years of slow progress to make flexible work mainstream – placing trust in workers that they would get their work done wherever and whenever they worked – we looked set to take a quantum leap forward.

But the ‘great reset’ remains a hope rather than a reality. Expectations of overwork have increased. The remote work pivot has shown, in particular, just how fundamental overwork is to modern workplaces. The continuing work culture of over-promising, long hours and presenteeism fuels the need for high achievers to make sacrifices and trade-offs in careers, family-life, and health. Overworking in an environment of heightened uncertainty has exacted a hefty personal toll: stress, anxiety and burnout have increased dramatically.

If the system isn’t going to reset, you need to reset yourself. Stop focusing on flexibility, and focus instead on flexAbility. Flexibility is how the system operates – where and when you work. FlexAbility is how you operate yourself in this demanding system. Its focus is on why and how you work. It’s the freedom you grant yourself to avoid the sacrifices of overwork.

If you know why you do what you do and where work fits into your sense of purpose, you can better align your work practices to suit. If you have good methods for focusing on the work that matters most, you are most likely to achieve your goals and aspirations.

When you know what matters, do what matters and influence what matters, you can be flexAble.

You can better defend against the demands of overwork, stop taking on too much, feel greater freedom and enjoy your life more.

What Executive Leaders have to say about FlexAbility

‘Karen has a way of articulating and simplifying the overwhelming, self-sabotaging thoughts, feelings and behaviours that plague even the most stoic of leaders. Karen teaches in a way that reassures and normalises these responses – as they should be – while shining a much-needed light on the broader environmental and psychological contexts and causes behind the pressure on leaders to overperform.

Refreshingly practical and gently encouraging, FlexAbility is a must-read for any leader looking for a pragmatic, reassuring, positive and immediately executable playbook for everyday success.’

Amanda Kramer, Head of Marketing, Homely.com.au

‘There isn’t a more important message for professionals today than to set boundaries to enable a happy, healthy, purposeful and productive life. High performers want to do a good job, and Karen Morley explains how to do this without sacrificing your health and well being.
This book is a must read. With great examples, thought provoking analysis and practical strategies that help leaders to ‘reset’ and thrive at work.’

Brooke Young, Director at Young Consulting Group

‘FlexAbility’ couldn’t be arriving at a better time for so many in our communities. The long term drain on resilience for so many around us has been significant. Behind the scenes the stresses and pressures of home schooling and care for children, work-life pressure and the isolation lockdown has placed on so many has seen a real drain on the collective physical and emotional well-being.

To change our environment starting with ourselves is key & ‘FlexAbility’ provides useful and well thought through approaches and activities to move forward as we chart a path from the interim normal of today to a future where hope and optimism fills the gaps of uncertainty and anxiety.’

Mike Schneider, Chair, Love Me Love You, Board Member CMHAA & MD Bunnings Group

‘This is such a relevant and helpful guide to 2022 and beyond! The current working environment is full of traps – we are always on, but expectations feel higher than ever and we risk achieving less and feeling less purposeful. This has been accelerated over the last 2 years as the world grapples with a new way of working and living.

It seems counterintuitive – if not blasphemy – to think that we can become more effective and more at peace with ourselves, but FlexAbility provides a guide that will help every business leader be more aware of their wellbeing and effectiveness with tools to ensure that productivity and personal wellbeing can be better managed. I loved the section on the 4 disciplines which I am already using as a framework.

I got a lot of value from it!’

Duncan Phillips​, Chief Executive Officer, Terry White Chemmart

‘In this hyper-relevant book for today’s world of work, FlexAbility provides high-performing leaders with a comprehensive and pragmatic guide to protecting wellbeing by learning to influence what matters most. Dr Morley deftly combines research with real-life stories to bring to life the challenges of leading during a pandemic – along with the solutions for doing so successfully.’

Kelly Windle, VP, Organisation Capability Bluescope

‘The intense disruption of the past two years has placed significant and untold demands on leaders across all organisations.  FlexAbility couldn’t be more timely.  It provides valuable, evidence-based, insights into the challenges faced by us all, together with accessible and practical advice to help us identify what matters to each of us as well as clear guidance to enable us to reimagine and reshape our lives for the future, and for the better.’

Diana Vernon, Principal, Methodist Ladies College Melbourne

‘FlexAbility is an outstanding piece of work.  Living a ‘rich, purpose-filled life, doing meaningful work, while prioritising your wellbeing’ as Dr Karen Morley says, is within everyone’s grasp.  This book helps you to know what matters, do what matters, and influence what matters.  Every chapter contains an assessment and a reset exercise, making it practical and achievable to be FlexAble.  I wish I’d written this work.  It is a game-changer.’

Mark Butler MaddBeh MGestTher MPACFA (Clin), Mental Health Expert & Strategist

‘I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your book and found the emphasis so valuable and practical that I am actually about to start reading it again!

I thoroughly recommend FlexAbility. It is engaging and highly relevant to today’s working pressures when so many I know are exhausted. The evidenced based approach, coupled with practical examples and rich and thought provoking content, really help develop a more personal sense of how to achieve direction, change, and balance.

Finally, practical and relevant advice about how to bring direction, change, balance back to working life.’

Dr Jessica Triay, Physician in Endocrinology and General Medicine, Clinical Unit Head Endocrinology, Bendigo Health

‘FlexAbility should be the essential guide for leaders on how to turnaround burnout. Karen Morley provides both the theory and practical tips to navigate this new world of blended working. Reset and recovery will become the way of surviving the increasingly demanding workplace we find ourselves in and the book, the blueprint to ensuring we and the organisations we work for survive.’

Kerrie Akkermans, CEO Girl Guides SA

‘Just finished Karen’s book and found it to be one of the most refreshing “self help” books that I have read in a very long time. This book addresses the importance of acknowledging the post COVID workplace and how as a professional we can survive and thrive. The book provides real case studies and workflow tools that are easy to implement.

The concept of flexAbility is simple yet life changing in a world where we all have to navigate and find our own new work-life balance. Refreshing to see this much needed guide book that supports workplace change together with empowering the highly motivated professional with easy, usable tools to do so.’

Dr Tina Soulis, Founder & Director, Alithia Life Sciences

“What a timely analysis and valuable tool FlexAbility is, packed full of useful insights and support for high achieving leaders in today’s working environment.  After working with Karen for a number of years, it’s no surprise that she’s developed such a clear, compelling and practical guide for leaders.  FlexAbility is a must for any high achievers who want to work smarter, beat burnout and protect their wellbeing.”

Emily Phillips, Manager Regional Services, Melbourne Water

FlexAbility will redefine your approach to work

A comprehensive, coach-yourself guide for busy, burnt-out leaders to take back control of flexible working arrangements and find balance in an overworked world.

FlexAbility is a comprehensive guide to taking back control and redefining your approach to work. It’s about rediscovering why you do what you do and where work fits into your sense of purpose, so you can better align your work practices to suit your life.

In a world where more workers have burnout than don’t, and feelings of anxiety are increasing, FlexAbility is a life-changing resource that every leader needs.

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