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Wellbeing quiz

What can be more important than your wellbeing? Take the quiz, from the WHO-5, to find out more about your level of wellbeing.

At least as important as your own wellbeing is the wellbeing of your family and friends. Share the quiz with them, compare your results, and work together to improve/retain your wellbeing at your desired level.

List of ways to have better conversations about gender, eg extend trust first

Values list

To help you identify the values that are most important to you, explore the values list below. Which are the values that are most important to you right now? Which help you to be flexAble?

Wheel of emotions

The more emotions words you use, the freer your feelings. There are many different words for many different emotions, yet we tend to use few of them. If you want to increase your emotions vocabulary, try using the Wheel of Emotions. Work your way from the centre to the outer circle to create greater nuance.

Read more about emotional agility in my blog.

Wheel of emotions
Your influencing style circumplex with 8 different influencing styles that are wamr versus cool and dominance vs deferent

Influencing styles

Take my influencing styles quiz to identify your preferred styles. Learn more about the different styles and their value. Which of the styles do you not use, but if you did, would add to your ability to influence others effectively?

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