Karen Morley Executive Coaching

If you’re looking to make a bigger impact as a successful senior leader, then it is time to act now.

It’s time to stop spinning the plates – to control your workload, not be controlled by it. With renewed energy and deeper insight, you will have the necessary conviction to continue to go higher up the ladder and be recognised as an amazing, authentic, leader.

For more detailed information about Karen’s Executive Coaching program, click here to download the full brochure.

If you have spoken directly with Karen and are ready to get started with a Coaching Starter Kit, click on the button below to book your spot now!

If you’d like a six or 12 month program, or still have a couple of questions, book a time with Karen to nail the final details.

What happens next

If you're almost, but not quite ready to get started, and have some final questions, book in a time for a no-obligation discussion about how a coaching program will help you increase your impact

We'll agree on the right goals for your coaching program, and the number of sessions

I'll send you a proposal, or you can send me a purchase order, depending on your purchasing arrangements, and we'll be set to get started

We'll make our first coaching session appointment!

You'll receive a pre-coaching assessment questionnaire to help you get started for the first session

Then hold tight, we'll be off and coaching, and you won't look back!

What you will get out of this

With my Executive Coaching support, you’ll get guaranteed growth. We’ll get right to the heart of your issues, help you feel renewed, congruent and powerful, and able to approach opportunities and your challenges in fresh, new ways.

You’ll get greater insight and clarity about what to focus on. You’ll be clearer about how you will use your influence authoritatively and wisely. You’ll get better balance and have more control over your time and energy. Leading will feel much easier and more enjoyable.

My unique mix of challenge and support will allow you to grow at a much faster rate than you might expect! That’s just what you need.

Terms & Conditions

The full Coaching Starter Kit fee is required to commence that coaching program. For other coaching programs, 50% of the fee is payable on agreement to proceed, and 50% at the mid-point.

48 hours notice of cancellation of coaching sessions is required, or the session is forfeited.

Coaching sessions occur approximately 3-weekly, depending on your needs, with each session being scheduled in advance.

See the Privacy Policy for details on how information about you is kept safe.

Coaching sessions are face-to-face in Melbourne (as permitted), or otherwise by remote means such as Zoom

Join the numerous senior executive leaders who have transformed their leadership capabilities with Karen’s expert guidance!

I had the pleasure of having Karen as a coach and she taught me the importance of coaching in building and leading an effective team. At the time, I had just started a new role in a field which I was not familiar with, leading a new team with people from different backgrounds, a wide range of experiences, capabilities and varying degrees of ambition. Karen helped me to use coaching as a way to build trust in the team. I realised that the more I used a coaching approach, my team also started to coach each other. We started engaging and communicating a lot more and ultimately worked a lot more effectively as a team.”

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