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How to get more impact with less effort in 2020

Join me for a live webinar on December 12 to learn tips, tactics and techniques to get more impact with your work and team performance – with less effort!  This is a FREE online event.

  • What does it mean to be amplified?
  • Review 2019 and create your vision for 2020
  • Power up with a GAS mindset (Growth, Activity, Service)
  • Prime your Motivation, Productivity, and Influence

A replay is made available to all registered attendees, even if you can’t make it live on the day.

Free Webinar Replays

Why Peer-Based Trumps Top-Down Leadership

  • Work tasks and their organisation are more dispersed than ever before.
  • What does it take to increase peer-based leadership?
  • Top leadership would benefit from authorising great peer collaboration.
  • How peer-based leadership can minimise power and competitiveness.

Easy Conversation Tactics to Beat Bias

  • Contentious conversations can be difficult!
  • Learn how you can set up a conversation to be constructive.
  • Get a roadmap for contentious conversations.
  • Develop your plan for engaging differently in diversity conversations. 

How to Easily Get a More Flexible Perspective

  • Learn some tactics for increasing your thinking flexibility.
  • Better understand your own defaults, and how they both help and hinder your flexibility.
  • Identify how you can help others to increase their flexibility.

How to moderate your power and coach with authority

Free Recorded Masterclass


  • How power works in coaching, and why it needs to be equalised.
  • How you moderate your power as the boss.
  • Signs you can watch out for so that you understand the power dynamics and if you’ve given up your power.
  • How moderating power doesn’t mean you give up your authority.
  • How you can authorise yourself in coach mode.
  • How to review your coaching presence, strength and opportunities
  • What you can work on to be a more effective coach

Four Key Coaching Skills Needed To Lead Like A Coach

Get free access to my 4 Key Coaching Skills masterclass; a free online training where you will learn the key principles behind leading like a coach.

How To Have Constructive Conversations About Gender

Get free access to the recording of a recent masterclass on identifying and overcoming some of the challenges to having constructive conversations about gender in the workplace.

How to Inspire More Men to Champion Gender Balance


  • Why engaging men is so important
  • Understand how masculine leadership cultures work, and what you can do to change them
  • Find out how to identify more male allies for change
  • How to avoid the overwhelm of change by focusing in on your ‘strategic seven’.
  • Explore influencing tactics that you can use with your allies.
  • Identify actions you can take to get your allies on-side and speed up the rate of progress
  • Your own clear action plan for change.

How To Lead For Learning – It’s Safety First.


  • Why psychological safety is and why it’s so important
  • How psychological safety contributes to learning
  • How to find out how safe your work climate is
  • The three important steps for creating a psychologically safe workplace
  • How to lead for psychological safety
  • How leaders can engage with their teams to actively promote psychological safety

Tactics For Increasing Peer Collaboration


  • Why peers are both harder and easier to collaborate with
  • The dynamics of power, and how to use it to achieve shared outcomes
  • Simple tactics to influence peers

Helping Others to Achieve Insight


  • Why you should help team members achieve greater insight
  • How to use compassion to create a deeper conversation that creates insight
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