Highlights from the Beat Gender Bias virtual book launch!

At the launch of Beat Gender Bias, I was joined by Nick Marinelli, former CEO of Fulton Hogan Australia, who provides one of the stories I share in the book, and Lesley Williams, publisher extraordinaire and Director Major Street Publishing. Dan Hillier, General Manager at Terry White Chemmart was MC.

In the video I outline what led me to write the book and what is in it. Nick speaks about the gender diversity journey at Fulton Hogan and his tips for success, and Lesley Williams highlights the book’s practical focus.

Enjoy the video replay!

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Using your power to be a force for good webinar label


  • The relationship between Power, Authority and Autonomy.
  • How you can develop a Healthier Relationship with your own Power.
  • Three Perspectives on Power.
  • Grabbing versus Granting Power.
  • Power and Influence Through Service.
An introduction to flexability webinar label

Introduction to FLEXABILITY

  • Discover more about why I wrote FlexAbility.
  • Why is overwork so engrained in our work cultures?
  • Learn about how to reset yourself to avoid burnout.
  • Discover how to KNOW what MATTERS, DO what matters, and INFLUENCE what matters.
Model of the GAS mindset: growth, authority and service

How to Get More IMPACT with Less EFFORT

  • Review the previous year and create your vision for the next.
  • What does it mean to be amplified?
  • Power up with a GAS mindset.
  • Prime your Motivation, Productivity, and Influence
  • Notice, Measure, Adapt, Sustain
Model identifies outcomes of competing and collaborating with peers

Why Peer-Based Trumps Top-Down Leadership

  • Work tasks and their organisation are more dispersed than ever before.
  • What does it take to increase peer-based leadership?
  • Top leadership would benefit from authorising great peer collaboration.
  • How peer-based leadership can minimise power and competitiveness.
Outlines 3 approaches to constructive conversations: curiosity, candour and confidentiality as commitments for better conversations

Easy Conversation Tactics to Beat Bias

  • Contentious conversations can be difficult!
  • Learn how you can set up a conversation to be constructive.
  • Get a roadmap for contentious conversations.
  • Develop your plan for engaging differently in diversity conversations. 
Model for how to get a more flexible perspective, bu zooming in and out, and how you frame the issue: affects the perspective you take

How to Easily Get a More Flexible Perspective

  • Learn some tactics for increasing your thinking flexibility.
  • Better understand your own defaults, and how they both help and hinder your flexibility.
  • Identify how you can help others to increase their flexibility.
Model of how to moderate you power by either grabbing it or granting it

How to moderate your power and coach with authority

Free Recorded Masterclass


  • How power works in coaching, and why it needs to be equalised.
  • How you moderate your power as the boss.
  • Signs you can watch out for so that you understand the power dynamics and if you’ve given up your power.
  • How moderating power doesn’t mean you give up your authority.
  • How you can authorise yourself in coach mode.
  • How to review your coaching presence, strength and opportunities
  • What you can work on to be a more effective coach
List of 4 key coaching skills needed by leaders

Four Key Coaching Skills Needed To Lead Like A Coach

Get free access to my 4 Key Coaching Skills masterclass; a free online training where you will learn the key principles behind leading like a coach.

List of ways to have better conversations about gender, eg extend trust first

How To Have Constructive Conversations About Gender

Get free access to the recording of a recent masterclass on identifying and overcoming some of the challenges to having constructive conversations about gender in the workplace.

Continuum for helping men champion gender diversity, from resistor to champion

How to Inspire More Men to Champion Gender Balance


  • Why engaging men is so important
  • Understand how masculine leadership cultures work, and what you can do to change them
  • Find out how to identify more male allies for change
  • How to avoid the overwhelm of change by focusing in on your ‘strategic seven’.
  • Explore influencing tactics that you can use with your allies.
  • Identify actions you can take to get your allies on-side and speed up the rate of progress
  • Your own clear action plan for change.
Table of how safety generates a learning culture, through eg focusing on growth rather than control

How To Lead For Learning – It’s Safety First.


  • Why psychological safety is and why it’s so important
  • How psychological safety contributes to learning
  • How to find out how safe your work climate is
  • The three important steps for creating a psychologically safe workplace
  • How to lead for psychological safety
  • How leaders can engage with their teams to actively promote psychological safety
Model of power that affects peer dynamics: power, trust and authority

Tactics For Increasing Peer Collaboration


  • Why peers are both harder and easier to collaborate with
  • The dynamics of power, and how to use it to achieve shared outcomes
  • Simple tactics to influence peers
Model that shows how to help others achieve greater insight by taking issues deeper

Helping Others to Achieve Insight


  • Why you should help team members achieve greater insight
  • How to use compassion to create a deeper conversation that creates insight
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