Cover image for Whitepaper How to flex your style to influence what matters: five team members discuss how they can be more flexible

The Flexible Leader

Hack #5: How to flex your style to influence what matters most

The 5th whitepaper in the Flexible Leader series helps you to build your influence and get greater leadership impact by using your flexibility when you engage with others.  

A key challenge for leaders is how to exert personal authority to have the greatest influence. The usual mistake is to treat it as a matter of quantity – more or less – when it’s a matter of style. The best way to exercise authority is to flexibly adapt your style to the circumstances. And warm styles of engaging are much more important than we realise. To get his work and life back on track, Rafiq needed to do some flexible thinking about what it meant to be a good leader, and to reset how he engaged with the team.

This is the first of three whitepapers that focus on the interaction between influence and flexibility. This first of the three whitepapers will help you to increase the flexibility in your influencing style. The greater the flexibility in your style, the more nuanced your actions are to the context you are in, and the greater your influence with others will be. They will be inspired by you.

Download the whitepaper to learn the six-step hack to help you to motivate others to do what you want them to do. Make it easier to be influential. 

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