Cover image for the Flexible Leader Whitepaper # 4: How to do what matters and make it stick

The Flexible Leader

Hack #4: How to do what matters and make it stick

The 4th whitepaper in the Flexible Leader series helps you to review and adapt your habits so that you can easily do what matters most to you.  

This whitepaper builds on Whitepaper #3 which focuses on how to manage your attention so that you can be as focused and productive as possible. Having that clarity of what you want to do is critical. The next step, covered in this whitepaper, is to lock that into your habits so that it flows.

This whitepaper helps you make sure you have the right habits, and show you how to turn them into a routine that works well for you. Your routine needs to serve your purpose and ease the flow of your working days. Turning your routine into a regular rhythm for your work means you make it easy to be as productive as possible, as often as possible. This paper zeroes in on how to structure your time and your day to get you into flow.

Download the whitepaper to learn the six-step hack to help you to align your habits, turn them into routines that create a great working rhythm, taking you into flow. Make it easy to be flexible. 

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