Inclusive Leadership Organisational Strategies to Counteract Bias

The Flexible Leader

Hack #2: Know your Purpose to be More Flexible 

The second of this whitepaper series to help you become the flexible leader that you need to be and that we need you to be.  

It is through leaders like you that we can help shape a more promising and vibrant future for our organisations, our families, and our societies.

2020 brought significant challenge, and in 2021 leadership isn’t going to get easier. Being a more flexible leader means being able to adapt and respond as circumstances change, continue to lead your team well, and feel energised rather than depleted. It also helps to embed that still rather elusive goal of making workplaces more inclusive by focusing on talent, not presenteeism.

This paper focuses on the criticality of having a clear purpose. It makes work and life more meaningful, more intentional. With purpose clear, you will increase your flexibility, choosing what to do now and next based on what matters most to you.

Download the whitepaper to learn the six-step process you can use to hack your purpose on your way to becoming the flexible leader you need to be.

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