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The Flexible Leader

Hack #2: Know your purpose to be more flexible

This 2nd Flexible Leader whitepaper helps you to increase your flexibility by clarifying, and staying on course with, your purpose.  

With clarity of purpose it is easier to stay motivated to protect and promote your flexibility. When purpose is your guide, everyday choices become easier. There are fewer decisions because the important ones are already made.

Your time is wasted and your energy is depleted if you keep making small decisions, arguing with yourself about whether to do this or that, and being distracted. This paper will help you to avoid that, to hack your purpose, get clearer about your values, stay aligned with your identity and reach for your career and life aspirations. Your goals will help you make small, but highly significant, progress.

Download the whitepaper to learn the six-step hack to help you align your work and life with your purpose.

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