Woman and man in office having a discussion and smiling at each other

The Influential Leader

#1: Why care and compassion must be prioritised to truly engage your workforce

The first of a new series of whitepapers designed to help you increase your influence. 

Influence starts with warmth and caring. This may seem counter-intuitive, yet it is through the warmth of relationship and concern for others that leaders achieve the greatest degree of lasting influence.

While hierarchy and status are sources of power and influence, without warmth, they tip into intimidation and control, and this is one of the biggest challenges that organisations face to creating a vibrant, engaged workforce.

In a time of significant uncertainty and new pressures, care and compassion isn’t just about your influence, it’s also about how to relieve stress and burnout for your team to help them to thrive and do their best work. That’s most likely in a generous, warm work environment.

Download the whitepaper to learn more about the surprising connection between care and compassion, and how it increases you influence.

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