The weight of evidence on the value of diversity continues to grow. For those swayed by the weight of evidence… or who need some evidence to do some swaying, check out Scott Page’s latest research.

Diversity of thinking comes from diverse people: it’s the most efficient way to get it. Having diversity in the room isn’t enough. You’ve got to work it to get it to pay. The best teams have loads of it. The worst teams have loads of it. What makes the difference?

Diversity trumps ability. And inclusion trumps diversity.

Scott Page presents a decade of his research findings: when people with diverse cognitive abilities work inclusively on complex tasks there is a quantifiable benefit.

But they can’t be just any people, and any kind of diversity. Getting the bonus requires understanding the task requirements and knowing what diversity you need. The wrong kinds of diversity, or its mismanagement, is divisive.

You can read more, listen to a podcast, or watch a brief youtube video to find out more.

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