Coaching with Karen

Coaching Programs to create energised, connected, and high-performing leaders

When you work with me as your coach you can expect growth that’s guaranteed. I’ll help you to make significant, sustained behavioural change so that you increase your impact and feel more satisfied.

With the support of executive coaching you can stay energised, work fluidly with expanded options, without having to figure it all out for yourself.

Thinking you have to go it alone might be holding you back more than it should. What’s stopping you from getting the support you need and deserve?

My new coaching guide – ‘How To Be More Influential as a Remote Leader’ – has fresh insights on leading successfully in these uncertain times. 

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Executive Coaching Programs

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Executive Coaching

Face to face coaching takes place over six to twelve months, through regular confidential and reflective conversations. All coaching programs are based on agreed leadership behaviour goals that will help you create greater impact.

It makes such a difference to have someone in your corner, giving you the support and guidance you need, as well as gently challenging assumptions and practices.

I’ll equip you with new perspectives and take you into new territory to expand your leadership influence.

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Coaching Circles

Leadership Coaching Circles bring together small groups of five to eight peers to develop coaching capability. They collaborate on shared challenges, focus on real issues, practice together and learn from each other. The members collaboratively coach each other. The conversation structure promotes inquiry and exploration.

Coaching Circles build horizontal leadership across the organisation, creating cohesion and collaboration amongst peers. When peers have each others backs and support the cascading of a coaching style,  everyone is better off. Peers have better support, teams are better led, and senior leaders have some of their burdens for culture and performance lightened. It’s a win all round! 

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Lead Like A Coach

This is a program for leaders who want to stop fixing the same problems, get more and better work done, and enjoy leading.

It’s an immersive program for leaders to increase their leadership coaching capability. Coaching your team gets better engagement and productivity – what more needs to be said? Except that it frees up your time and feels much more satisfying to boot!

Lead Like a Coach guides you through the why, what and how of leadership coaching, providing you with the confidence and skills to be a more effective leader.

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Coaching Starter Kit

The Kit is for individuals who want a coaching boost but may not have the support of their organisation. You don’t need to let that get in the way of your talent and ambition!

The Coaching Starter Kit gives you the chance to kick-start your own leadership development, or to take you the next step.

The Kit includes 3 x 1.5 hour personal coaching sessions held via Zoom and resources that help you gain the most from your coaching program.

There’s never a better time than now to give your career a self-motivated boost. 

“Before meeting and engaging Karen as my coach, I hadn’t had a coach for over 15 years. I wasn’t sure about what value Karen would add, nor did I initially think I needed a coach (one was assigned when I joined this company). Within the first 20 minutes of meeting with Karen, 1) I knew I needed a coach; 2) I knew Karen would be the perfect coach for me 3) I had several key areas of my leadership to develop!

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