Hi, help me write my next book.

Help me make it great, by helping me solve your problems.

I’m working to Beat Gender Bias*.

I’ve worked with thousands of leaders and hear a lot about the challenges of increasing gender diversity and making workplaces more inclusive. We need to beat bias to do that. I constantly scan for stories on what organisations are doing that works to get rid of bias. And I avidly review the latest clues about what works from social psychology research. So, I reckon I’ve got a pretty good idea of the problems, and of the solutions.

Yet, what I want to do now is to hear what matters most to you. What do you struggle with, what would you like help with to get better gender inclusion? I’m not kidding myself that this is easy work. It’s complicated. But we can make it easier. That’s what I’m working on: how to make sure leaders can have more impact with less effort, and I want to make sure the book delivers on that for you.

Let me know what you need, by contributing to my quick survey.

Your answers are confidential, and they’ll help me to focus the book so that it’s the best resource you can have!

If you’d like to get the latest news about the book, and sneak peek chapters as they’re written, PLUS special resources that won’t be included when the book is printed, include your name and email address at the end of the survey.

If you don’t have the time to contribute to the survey right now, please come back again later!

Thanks for helping me to make sure that my new book Beat Gender Bias will give you the answers you need. I want to know what challenges/frustrations you face, as well as what’s working well, so the book addresses what matters most.

Together, we’ll be able to make gender inclusion easier. And we’ll get bigger benefits, sooner!

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