Beat Gender Bias:

How to play a better part in a more inclusive world

Bias might be built-in to how our brains work, but that doesn’t make it acceptable. Recent advances in psychology and neuroscience give us an unprecedented insight into how biases interfere with good decision-making. When it comes to leadership, these biases create a sticky floor making it hard for women to rise to the top, despite their talents and ambitions. The good news is that the frustratingly slow pace of change in achieving gender-balance can be accelerated if you know more about how bias works.

In this book, Dr Karen Morley explains how biases, particularly the insidious unconscious ones, trip us up. She outlines what approach to take to minimise their impact in organisations. She shares stories from leaders committed to making their organisations fairer.  Her Bias Busters are specific actions that you can take to outsmart bias, help advance the progress of women, and create more inclusive cultures. Her goal is to make it easier to notice, talk about, and overcome bias.

Beat Gender Bias is for leaders from CEO level to the frontline, and all working men and women who want a better world of work. By replacing bias with inclusion, organisations will create personal, social, productivity and economic value that will sustain future success.

Karen believes that pretty much everyone wants to be included, and to make a difference. This book makes it clear how you can do both. And play a better, satisfying part in creating a more inclusive world.

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