Given the uncertainty and change that’s been in our environment for a while, how well aligned are you with your core values and purpose? 

Are you keeping them in mind as you go about your routine, or do you find yourself getting caught up in the uncertainty and hype around you? And how well do you know about what’s important to others?

This McKinsey & Company interactive tool allows you to identify your values profile (albeit from a limited range of values).  It can open up the opportunity for self-reflection as well as sharing in conversations with your colleagues.

Which of the three profiles best fits you?

Achievers like to learn, pursue status, like to do things for fun, enjoy risk and enjoy the accumulation of resources.

Free spirits prefer to work independently, don’t like to be micromanaged and aren’t interested in doing things just to increase productivity.

Caregivers are less concerned with personal gain, like to mentor and care for others, prefer a worklife balance that keeps them connected to others.

Understanding the values and purpose of both yourself and your team will drive better job satisfaction for your team and better outcomes for the organisation as a whole. Why not do the quiz together and use your responses to identify both what you have in common, and what your differences are?

Using tools like this to start a conversation that helps you get to know each other better is a good way to improve job satisfaction for your team. When people know each other better, they develop greater trust. When people feel listened to, and their opinions are respected, they feel more open and care more about their colleagues.

Improving job satisfaction is the most important thing a leader can do. That’s what the latest research from this McKinsey & Company article confirms.  Some of us have known this for a while…….. just ask anyone who works for someone.

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How many global engagement surveys have told us this? People don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.

Interestingly, the article goes on to show correlations between employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, staff turnover, profitability and productivity. There’s plenty of upside.

The drive for shareholder returns gets things back-to-front; driving shareholder returns by focusing on increasing shareholder returns isn’t the way to get them.  Great to see these new numbers telling this important story in a new way.

There’s only one question a manager needs to ask: “How do I make my team members’ lives easier?”  When team members are happy and find their roles meaningful and aligned with their values and purpose, managers feel happier too.

What tactics are you using to help make team members lives easier, and their work more enjoyable?

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