About Karen Morley

Executive Coach & Author

Karen’s vision is to amplify leadership impact. A critical way to do that is to make sure that everyone’s talents are developed to the full. That’s why inclusive leadership strategies and practices are core to her work.

Karen is a highly sought after Executive Coach, an authority on leadership coaching and a thought leader on gender and inclusion.

Organisations like ANZSOG, BHP, Bunnings, CSL, Downer, Fulton Hogan Australia, HASSELL, Melbourne Water, QBE, Officeworks, University of Melbourne and Wesfarmers have benefitted from her assistance. 


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Karen Morley – My Coaching Approach

Coaching helps leaders to work smarter, influence more authoritatively and use their talents to their fullest extent. I work with talented leaders across the career spectrum; leaders who are stepping up into more senior roles, who seek to be more authoritative and influential, who want to increase team performance or who seek to be more strategic and less caught up in day-to-day busyness.

Coaching outcomes include – a clearer leadership identity and more comfort dealing with their own authority, a better mix of the strategic and operational, higher levels of team performance, clearer career goals, a more flexible leadership style and a more mindful approach to the challenges of leading.

I was very fortunate to have Dr Karen Morley as my coach as I worked towards a promotion. My success was due in many ways to Karen’s sage advice and direction. Her coaching style was particularly helpful for seeing straight to the heart of the issue. I appreciated Karen’s warm, positive, and  supportive style.

I would recommend Karen to anyone – at any stage of his or her career- looking for advice or coaching on how to lead better, be better, and most importantly, with our whole selves.”

Professor Erica Wilson, Southern Cross University


I’ve published three books to help you amplify your leadership. And there’s more in the pipeline!

Cover of Beat Gender Bias book

Inclusive Leadership

Beat Gender Bias

“This book  is a must-read for anyone interested in reducing gender bias and creating an inclusive workplace.”
Dr Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Cover image of Lead Like a Coach book

Generative Leadership

Lead Like A Coach

“A well written book that brings to life how leaders can better connect, engage and help teams unlock their potential.” Michael Schneider

Inclusive Leadership

Gender Balanced Leadership

“Congratulations on putting together such a comprehensive and substantive book; it is a very good practical guide.” Helen Conway

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