Delighted to be interviewed for Thrive Global and Authority Magazine by Candice Georgiadis as part of her series “the five things we need to do to close the gender wage gap.

I particularly enjoyed being asked about the lessons I’ve learned trying to help shift the gap:

“The key lesson I’ve learned is that change is ALWAYS possible. There’s no point getting caught up in the change we haven’t made, it’s always about what change CAN WE MAKE. And I can’t make other people change their beliefs systems, but the thing that I can do is to help people UNDERSTAND. INSIGHT then may lead to MOTIVATION to consider our beliefs and to possibly change them. And that’s the ONLY way to get change – people willingly identify the change they want to make, and then they go about it.

There’s another lesson that I’ve learned from my experiences… When I was growing up I thought that I lived a pretty boring life – suburban SAFE normal – boring. Yet I am now able to look back with such a solid sense of who I am. I’d not seen it then as a PRIVILEGE, but now I certainly do. I am extremely GRATEFUL for it.”

You can read the article here.

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