We’re heading into the final stage of this year, and it’s likely to be the toughest of the year.  (Not to dishearten you, but I had it on the good advice of a 12 year old who explained to his father that this final school term was by far the longest and it was exhausting just thinking about it!)

Even more important to be looking after your team and colleagues, as well as yourself.

The most powerful actions to protect and improve health and wellbeing at work are in the hands of employers.  That’s because most of the elements that impact health and wellbeing arise from the decisions that organisations make about how they work, and what’s acceptable and not, in terms of workload and human interaction at work.

The table below adapted from Professors Sabine Sonnentag, Louis Tay and Hadar Nesher Shoshan recent review outlines the exemplary actions that organisations can take.

Diagram 15 ways to foster health and wellbeing


Most relate to workplace design factors that protect and improve wellbeing, or those that hinder them. The remainder focus on the sorts of things that organisations can do to help people look after themselves.

You might also like to read my associated blog which identifies the 8 factors from the review that organisations need to coordinate to promote wellbeing.

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