Leadership Coaching That Makes A Difference

High-impact coaching programs, workshops, coaching circles, books, and leadership programs to amplify leadership
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Leadership Coaching That Makes A Difference

High-impact coaching programs, workshops, coaching circles, books, and leadership programs to amplify leadership
Leadership BooksCoaching Programs

A Personal Message from Dr Karen Morley

Hi, it’s great to see you here, thanks for stopping by my website.

The world has become a crazy place since COVID-19, and I hope that you and your family are doing well, that you’re finding your way through to a ‘new normal’.

When the pandemic hit, there was the promise of a ‘post-pandemic reset’ that would make flexible work mainstream. But if anything, real flexibility has become harder, it seems that overwork is here to stay and we’ve seen an alarming rise in stress and burnout. This is just not sustainable! I’ve written a new book, which will be published in early 2022, to help. FlexAbility: how high achievers beat burnout and find freedom in an overworked world is designed as a ‘coach yourself guide’ for busy, burnt-out leaders, to find a way through overwork. Stay tuned for updates.

In moments of calm, take the time to foster your learning. Keep brain-fit, get FlexAble, and be ready to roll at your next available opportunity.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if I can help in any way, and all the very best.


More impact, less effort

My vision is to amplify leadership impact.

The demands on leadership are ever-increasing. To meet those demands, organisations need more from their leaders, and they need it now! But more often translates into more effort. Longer agendas, more things to do, more meetings, the list goes on!

Leaders end up overburdened, stressed and stuck too far down in the detail. They know they’re not as effective as they could or want to be, yet there’s not enough time to shift the game.

To shift the game, they need to focus on what’s strategic and impactful. To get the effort-to-impact ratio right, leaders need to be productive, motivated and influential. They need to:

  • continuously learn so that they can be their best within a fast-paced world
  • work smart to capably manage their energy and resilience
  • have the time and skills to connect meaningfully with their colleagues to collaborate powerfully 
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I work with leaders using highly targeted interventions that help you get more impact for less effort. 

I deliver evidence-based interventions in these areas:

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Executive Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching and Personal Coaching programs help you to increase your influence.

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Peer-based Coaching Circles

Peer-based Coaching Circle programs help you to achieve more power through collaboration

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FlexAbility Coaching

FlexAbility Coaching helps you to reset your purpose, focus and balance

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Inclusive Leadership Coaching

Inclusive Leadership Coaching helps you to embed inclusion and belonging practices.

In the media

My latest articles in CEO Magazine:

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Clients include

Fulton Hogan
Lead Like a Coach book cover

An invaluable guide for all leaders – current, soon-to-be and ever-learning. Karen draws on her extensive background as a scholar, teacher, and mentor to guide us clearly through the why, how, and when of coaching.

Professor Erica Wilson, Southern Cross University

I write regularly about leadership, coaching, personal transformation, inclusion, and gender-balanced leadership. 

Explore my latest thinking and published whitepapers here:

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