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Create significant, sustained behaviour change that generates a bigger impact with your team with less effort from you.


Realise your leadership potential

Do you have untapped leadership potential?

Do you feel ‘executive stress’ - more of the challenges and less of the benefits of leading?

Are you looking to be more strategic, and less focused on the day-to-day detail?

Is your team yet to achieve a reputation for high performance?

If any of these apply to you, I can help. I coach leaders to be successful.

My passion is accelerating leadership careers and inspiring inclusion. Using the latest evidence, validated benchmarks and inspiring coaching methods, I work with executives and organisations to accelerate their leadership growth.

The work of leadership is now more challenging than ever before. Leaders are under great pressure to produce results at a faster pace, with fewer resources and less certainty. Many are overworked, and feel overburdened.

My mission is to change that! My goal is to help leaders to be exceptional. To be leaders everyone wants to work with, who bring out the best in others, and who get great results.

As an Executive Coach, I find it inspiring to coach individually. However, group and team coaching can be even more powerful than individual coaching.

Leaders who develop their capability and their own coaching style collaboratively with others, magnify the impact of development, double engagement and get twice as much done.

The thing that really lights me up is helping leaders to realise their full potential. I see myself as being like Michelangelo: he saw the angel within the marble and he carved until he set it free. I work with the potential hidden in each leader. I help shape you into the very best version of yourself.

I have extensive experience working with leaders, supporting and guiding their development. Get in touch to find out how you can achieve greater leadership success too.


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“An invaluable guide for all leaders – current, soon-to-be and ever-learning. Karen draws on her extensive background as a scholar, teacher and mentor to guide us clearly through the why, how and when of coaching.”

A/Professor Eric Wilson, A/Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic), Southern Cross University

I write regularly about leadership, coaching, personal transformation, inclusion, and gender balanced leadership.
Explore my latest thinking below, and whitepapers here.

How to easily develop a more flexible perspective

Being a flexible thinker is an absolute must for leader well-being. The more flexible you are in your thinking: ✔︎ the less stuck you get. ✔︎ the less ‘fused’ you are with 1 way of doing things. ✔︎ the more options you have. ✔︎ the easier...

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A great leader must be a great coach

Coaching is an antidote to the pressure of leading. It: slows down the pace; helps you delegate and trust more; enables your team to do more, better; is inspiring and energising. Coaching is such an important part of leadership but so many leaders don’t take the time...

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How to make sure sexual harassment training works

Sarah is approached by a senior leader in her organisation (not her boss). He tells her that if she doesn’t provide certain sexual favours then life is going to be very uncomfortable for her.She feels threatened, afraid. She feels unsafe. She is concerned...

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To get insight you need to create depth

Ever feel impatient that the conversation is missing the point?In a recent coaching circle, the group was keen to stop having the same conversations at the surface, and increase the development gain for each other. They needed to shift from constantly...

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To be more influential, start with warmth

One of the common goals in coaching is to increase influence and be more influential. Just how do you increase your influence? In a world full of clamour and noise, what can you do to rise above that and be noticed? To be more influential, start with warmth. Leaders...

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Make it contagious to increase women’s representation

The BBC increased its representation of women in front of the camera by 74% between 2017 and 2019.It began with the nightly ‘Outside Source’ program anchored by Ros Atkins, which went from 39% on-air female contributors to 50% in four months.In April 2019...

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