Karen is an expert in unconscious bias and how it affects leadership decisions.

She runs unconscious bias and inclusive leadership workshops that help executives understand and manage the impact of their beliefs.

Read more about what unconscious bias is here.

And visit the Insights page, where there are a number of blogs focusing on unconscious bias and inclusive leadership.

The following example of an inclusive leadership workshop outline can be tailored to your organization’s needs. This workshop is designed to increase senior leaders’ ability to work with and maximize the value of diversity within their teams.

“A week or so on from our People Planning forum I wanted to just pop you a short note to say thank you for the quality and delivery of the material last week.  The feedback as I have gone around the executive team has been excellent & it certainly enabled some really good discussion later in the day.”

Managing Director, Australia & New Zealand, Large Retailer

Inclusive Leadership Workshop

Participants will increase their leadership effectiveness by better understanding:

– That biases of which we are unaware are endemic to decision making

– How conscious and unconscious biases work

– How diversity dynamics affect team functioning and performance

– What you can do to better understand the diversity in your team

– How to create a more inclusive team climate that supports and harnesses the value of diverse perspectives and interests

– How to lead with greater flexibility and mindfulness

The workshop will identify how to become more aware of bias, how to manage bias in thinking, and how to minimize the impact of bias on decisions. The intention of the program is not to inculcate any particular way of thinking, but to open participants up to increased flexibility of thinking, making more mindful decisions and increasing choice.

Participants will be introduced to and practice a range of strategies, skills, tools and techniques for leading diversity.

Benefits to participants:

– Greater awareness of the value of multiple perspectives

– Increased appreciation of diversity in thinking and behaviour

–  A more more flexible, inclusive management style

– Knowledge of how to increase talent and capability within their teams and organisations.



“Fantastic. Very enlightening and made me self-reflective.”

“Awesome and very inspiring.”

“Great presentation!”

“Very helpful information, insights and process.”

“Karen’s clear and concise presentation provided a very profound understanding for me of the diversity dividend from operating inclusively.”

“Unconscious bias session was great, would like more on this.”

For more information about these workshops, please email me, or call 0438 215 391.

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