Realize your leadership potential

Do you have untapped leadership potential?

Do you feel ‘executive stress’ - more of the challenges and less of the benefits of leading?

Are you looking to be more strategic, and less focused on the day-to-day detail?

Is your team yet to achieve a reputation for high performance?

If any of these apply to you, I can help. I coach leaders to be successful.

The work of leadership is now more challenging than ever before. Leaders are under great pressure to produce results at a faster pace, with fewer resources and less certainty. Many are overworked, and feel overburdened.

My mission is to change that! My goal is to help leaders to be exceptional. To be leaders everyone wants to work with, who bring out the best in others, and who get great results.

As an Executive Coach, I find it inspiring to coach individually. Group and team coaching can be even more powerful than individual coaching. Leaders who develop their capability and their own coaching style collaboratively with others, magnify the impact of development, double engagement and get twice as much done.

The thing that really lights me up is helping leaders to realize their full potential. I see myself as being like Michelangelo: he saw the angel within the marble and he carved until he set it free. I work with the potential hidden in each leader. I help shape you into the very best version of yourself.

I have extensive experience working with leaders, supporting and guiding their development. Get in touch to find out how you can achieve greater leadership success.

Executive Coaching

Accelerate your leadership and career growth

Inclusive leadership

Inclusive leadership

Become a less biased and more inclusive leader

Learn to coach collaboratively

Coaching Circles

Develop your coaching skills collaboratively

Balanced Leadership

Grow, support and promote talented women

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How to be powerful and good at the same time

If you are a leader and you want to bring out the best in others and be both powerful and good, focus on the positive and minimize the negative, and grant your power generously. I was reminded of the challenges of leadership power in a recent coaching...

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How to Make Your Appreciation More Powerful

Being appreciated is fundamental to feeling engaged at work. Leaders continue to have challenges engaging their people, keeping them satisfied and performing at their best. Not enough time is spent at a fundamental human level, in letting people know that...

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How Employee Satisfaction Improves the Bottom Line

Shareholders are generally skeptical about investment to improve employee satisfaction and happiness. They believe that investment in employee satisfaction programs is an unnecessary expense. They are unaware of the value that employee satisfaction...

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How to Avoid Being a Control Freak? Start Coaching.

Steve Vamos was spot on when he recently advocated that as a manager you should aim for being a coach rather than a control freak. Leaders are under great pressure to produce results at a faster pace, with greater innovation, fewer resources, and less...

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What is the best way for men to champion gender equality?

The 19 Victorian Male Champions of Change (MCC) recently reported on the progress they are making towards gender-balanced organisations. In their report, the leaders write: ‘Our best lesson over the last 12 months has been to experience what happens when men step up...

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Three Powerful Leadership Tweaks to Boost Your Progress

Let me share with you three simple yet powerful leadership tweaks that will help you boost your career. What got you here won’t get you there. This phrase, which comes from Dr. Marshall Goldsmith, is a very powerful one. Continuing to do more of what you’re good at is...

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